About Schools, Doctors and a Crazy Girl

Today was a great day. A really great one. Well, every day I see Whovie is.

Today I arrived early at school because I wanted to do the French test in my voluntary class. But apparently the teacher forgot to get me a copy again (although he didn’t forget ask for me to buy me cookies). I’m friends with Monsieur C, and I still was not going to see my note anyway because he will deliver them after we finish classes, so I just left. And do you remember where do nerds go when they don’t have classes? That’s right, the library. For us it’s not only a place of learning, it is a sanctuary where you can feel safe and discuss about intellectual things without being socially oppressed or attacked. I was reading a new book I bought at the book fair –Wild Cards, edited by George R. R. Martin, very entertaining- when a friend from Italian class came. She’s one of the oldest students (besides middle-aged people), and she defines herself as a “university fossil”. Well, Fossil and I were sharing thoughts about the problems of our country. If you are not interested in Mexican Politics, you may skip the next paragraph.

Our talk was about the recent educational reform that has been the biggest debate of the last years, along with Pemex (Mexican Oil industry) privatisation. The reform essentially states that, in a country with already a 45% of educational backwardness, public schools will stop being free. The predicted prices are around the same as private schools’, but with a huge difference: almost useless facilities, terrible control of bullying/youth crime and, worst of all, the worst educators of the world. As I already explained in another post, in Mexico the teachers are legally exempted to do anything, and most of them happily enjoy this privilege. The only exception, though, are the rural schools’ teachers. Since they have the hardest work and usually the lowest salaries, practically all of them are working on the field for vocation instead of greediness. And imagine knowing that all the children they love and care for will have to quit school because they can’t afford even the register. Therefore, they are protesting for a better education, making strikes and criticising the reform. But since the media is controlled by the government here (or is it the other way around? Honestly, I don’t know) they are portraying them together with the other protesters: the lazy teachers. See, another part of the reform involves doing tests to grade teachers and allow or deny them the right to work. And we all know they won’t pass, so they are protesting against these tests, shamelessly exposing their ignorance and little care about what they are supposed to do. They are part of the biggest and most immune organisation of the nation: The National Syndicate of Workers of Education, or SNTE. The SNTE is responsible for the teachers’ immunity, their excessive expenses (every teacher manages to get a punctuality bonus even if they rarely show up), the inherited jobs that stop new candidates from working and in general their attitude of “I don’t give a cheeto”. The problem is that the media puts the SNTE losers along with the rural protesters, making the proudly ignorant people see them all as a single group of lazy overpaid teachers who only want to suck our taxes. And if they don’t stop the reform, by next year literally no Mexican will register their children in public schools, causing an educational backwardness of 90% and condemning the country to one of the worst gifts a third world country with oil can get: The USA’s Democracy. We will get invaded, the country will get [more] broke and we’ll be used as cheap handwork, given that Mexico hasn’t fought a war in a hundred years and we are unprepared to avoid conquer (the country has six tanks only and half the soldiers are drug dealers).

Anyway, I was discussing with Fossil about how the SNTE’s destruction could stop the catastrophe or just delay it, but one of her friends came looking for her to do homework and she had to go. Luckily, at the exactly same time Whovie was entering the library, and when she saw me she had the biggest smile and just asked “did you see it?”, and then we started talking about how awesome “The Day of The Doctor” had been, and about all our favourite scenes that actually were the entire movie. And so it begun, our whovian hour to share all of our most loved and most hated things of the series. Literally an hour; we didn’t have anything else to do and talking about something you really like is one of the most fun things you can do with someone you really like. And she told me about a fan band called Chameleon Circuit that actually has great songs. She likes a lot of fan bands, now that I think so; the last semester she showed me Draco and the Malfoys and I must say I liked their lyrics. And when she talks about the show she does it with such feelings that you would think she is actually there. We were talking about River Song’s… event (first appearance spoiler, but still) and she had tears in her eyes. You can see her becoming emotional for those things, and it’s like a part of her soul is compromised with it. I don’t know why, but I find that really amazing in her.

At the end, when we were getting emotional, her mum arrived and took her home. I had a little embarrassing moment, though: I have troubles remembering faces, so when I saw her I didn’t recognise her immediately and thus didn’t shake her hand (I thought she might be a teacher coming to shut us up). So Whovie started to re-introduce us and then it hit me and I said hello with the biggest of smiles. I just hope she doesn’t think I’m an unconsidered person, but it’s actually a problem that has gotten me in troubles several times. I have a severe myopia and until age 12 I refused to wear glasses, because I lived in the last generation that saw them as a thing of losers. Combining that with the fact that I spent most of my childhood and puberty in the library or online, I didn’t develop good face recognition skills, which sounds really dumb but can be problematic in occasions. Have you ever heard someone say “all black/Asian/Indian/ [insert-your-race-here] people look the same”? Well, to me it’s true, but with all races, including my own. I recognise people by their voice, their hair, their colour and their body shape; I forget faces easily unless I see them on a daily basis. That being said, sometimes I have embarrassing moments, like today with Whovie’s mum. God, I really hope she doesn’t care.

After that I had my usual two free hours (I know, I don’t have lasses on Tuesdays and Thursdays and still go to school, you may hate me now) and I told Pseudohipster and Pseudogay that the girl I was in love with was Whovie. They were supportive, and Pseudohipster told me she had already figured it out, but she warned me that what I have is a crush, and I should not take it very seriously, or I could get hurt. We chatted about several things and then Riuk came and interviewed me for a research. It was a nice day.

I didn’t have Japanese or Portuguese class for unknown reasons, so at the end I realised I had spent seven hours at the uni for one hour of class. And I forgot the book at home. What a nice day for a nerd, uh?

So here are the three things I learnt today:

1.- I must escape from my country as soon as possible, before the government sells us out.

2.- I don’t know if it’s normal, but I just realised I like being at school. Just two and a half weeks before vacations. Yay…

3.- Sometimes what you love the most about someone is not that they make you happy, but that you can make them happy. And that is a good thing.



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So I finally watched the 50th! (no spoilers)

Guess who got all timey-wimey!

It was me. Remember I said “The Day of The Doctor” was going to be at 4:30 a.m.? Well… it turns out my maths were a bit wrong. It was at 1:30 p.m.

But let’s start from the beginning. This weekend was amazing. Last Friday I finally submitted my Methodology research. I still don’t know the note, but I am confident that it will be a good one. And this also means I get to sleep more and better. I only have three school weeks left: an evaluation week at the uni, an evaluation week at the Language Learning Centre, and my Japanese evaluation week (which is also next week, but the teacher will delay it to help us study, like always). This means that the munchies are less sold, so I must find a way to save money for my vacations. It’s going to be two months, and although that is awesome, it means that my parents will not give me money and I can’t sell anything. I have thought about getting a job, but I’m not sure. I have never had one before; every time I want to work I do freelance activities, like translating, fixing computers or the munchies business. I don’t like the idea of being bossed around, and my temperament might become a problem.

I know what you think. How will I ever be prepared for the job market if I’m not able to be an employee? Well, I’m not sure. I guess I had never thought about it before, but some day I will have to. I can’t be a freelance forever, at least not if I want to travel. And I do not want to teach. I suck at teaching. I want to translate texts or be an interpreter, and only until I can afford to go to the UK or the USA to publish my books. So what I have now is what I most hate: the oil industry. If I want to leave I must work there, even though I hate engineers and in general what the oil industry does to my country. And anyone who believes that global warming is not real has never put a foot in here. This is all because of the oil extraction.

Of course, I have business ideas. I want to export our local products to Japan. I want to make inventions. And I want to make a TV channel, at least locally. But for all that I need money, and I will not get it selling cookies at the uni. So my plan includes working in oil, yes. Although if I get some strings to pull I could move to the capital and find a job that is not oil-related. But that’s going to take time.

But I’m rambling; I don’t even know how I got to that topic. Anyway, Friday I had a nice evening and Saturday morning I got a few bucks for uninstalling adware from my father’s boss’s computer. So I went out and bought my products, and when I came back I was playing with Google’s Doctor Who doodle when it hit me:


Being the nerd that I am, I was not allowed to go back to school without knowing what happened. What if I found that during the weekend everyone became a fan? I mean, it’s not likely (mostly because they don’t transmit it), but it happened when Spiderman came out. Suddenly everyone loved Marvel. And that made me nuts. So there I was, searching desperately for a link to download the biggest event on British TV since the first transmitted crowning. Of course, five minutes after it ended nobody had uploaded it yet, so I calmed down and watched the last episode which, I must say, despite having one of the most romantic scenes of the show, didn’t really make much sense. But I liked it, it was great. Finally I found the link after that, but it came with another problem: My internet is too slow. I tried to download it eight times until Sunday morning, and it took me a while to do it. But you wanna know what?


I was about to explode. I couldn’t believe it. The start, the middle, the end, there was no second wasted. And all I could think about after it ended was: if I, a new whovian, not previously related to the show in any form, loved it that much, how did the long-run whovians feel? The final scene was epic, seeing that actor coming back… I better not say anything else, because (read it with River Song’s voice) spoilers 😉

But seriously, if there’s any British whovian around I would love to hear your opinion. How did you feel “The Day of The Doctor”? For me, it was brilliant. And for you?

I was going to publish this last night, but I fell asleep. I don’t have a lot to say anyway, so let’s cut it here before it becomes stupid. I’m just waiting to see Whovie. She’s nuts for Doctor Who; really, really nuts. And I’m kind of the only other whovian at the uni, so it is my duty to be with her when she wants to talk about it. Not that I don’t want it, of course, I love to see her when she talks about the shows she likes. She’s so… passionate. I think I’ve never met someone that passionate before. And this time I’ll finally understand what she’s talking about, so that will make it even better. I just want to see her smile.

Well, let’s see the three things I learnt this weekend:

1.- I need to get a job. I need to know the experience before it’s too late to learn it.

2.- Steven Moffat is brilliant. Just brilliant.

3.- The things that you most love are the things that make you show the best of you, that make you passionate about them. And without passion, what’s the point of being human?



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What Grownups call love

I’m happy today. Happy, happy, happy!

Let’s sum up things: My sister’s birthday was Ok. We went to the movies, ate hamburgers and got cake. Our plan was going to the Chinese buffet but for some reason it was closed. The only bad thing was that she lost her phone, but at the end my dad gave her one of his own (he had two). The next day I didn’t have class for national holiday, and we made a little barbeque. She was still mad about her mobile but she’ll get over it, I hope.

Anyway, yesterday I found out about great news: the teacher gave us two extra days for the research paper! I spent a lot of time working on it yesterday and today, and I believe I’ll have it on time. I have not been selling too much lately, but I don’t even care after what happened today.

Our uni has an interesting system, I don’t know if it is a universal thing but at least for me it’s a brand new way of justice. Every semester all the students have one anonymous chance to grade their teachers based on a series of criteria. Our group had its chance today, and I think I can say I was fair. Curiously I ended giving the best commentaries to the Logic teacher. He took an insufferable subject and turned it into a challenge, and I believe that deserves some recognising. At the end, the worst part was for the Methodology teacher. She might know a lot about her subject, but she just can’t teach. I hope she gets better someday because she could be on the top.

But what made my day was what happened right after the evaluation. I went to the library with some friends (Up until the last year I did not even know that sentence was possible) and I was looking for a table when I saw her. Whovie. She was right in front of me, and Magikarp went to say hello, so I thought it could be the best opportunity to talk to her. I casually asked where she is going to see “The Day of The Doctor” and she told me that at home; she does have the channel. I decided I was not going to invite myself to her house after all, and I said that I meant a website. And then we started talking about Doctor Who for the first time since I met it. It was wonderful; we both agreed in several points and it was amazing that, for the first time, we did not fight at all. It was our little private moment; literally nobody around us could understand what had us so excited and chatty. She showed me a video she made (She’s really good, it was her first fanvid and almost made me cry) and she confessed that the reason behind curling he hair was River Song. I wish I had more time with her, but she was late with some homework and I didn’t want to interrupt; besides, I had to study for my Italian oral test (that at the end I didn’t have). But it was great. Really, really great.

After today, I remembered why I like Whovie. It’s not because she’s weird, although that’s awesome. It’s not for all her energy, although it makes her fun. It’s not because she’s smart, because sometimes she can say really dumb things and that doesn’t turn me down. No, it’s something else. Something unique about her, something that makes me want to be with her forever. She just makes me smile. No reason, just her presence is enough to brighten my day. I tried so hard to get over her that I forgot how amazing it feels to be around her. When we’re together I feel like I know everything, like I can do anything I want. She reminds me how even the darkest place has a bit of light. She makes me want to be a better person. It’s not even her intention; she doesn’t know any of this, but just her mere presence turns me into a giant. Normally I think too much about everything, but for her I could take down the Great Wall of China without even stopping to figure out why. With Curlz I don’t feel like this. She’s better than me in any aspect; she just makes me feel insecure and ignorant. But Whovie, Whovie is like a drug for me. Everything about her drives me crazy; her face, her eyes, her voice, her ideas and her sexy, sexy curves just waiting to be touched. I feel awesome just by having her near me, even when we’re angry with each other. I think that this is what the grownups call love.

After all those feelings running inside of me, I thought nothing could make my day better. Well, guess what? I got a 100% on my written Italian test! Not even a single mistake. We had a little talk about prepositions and we left early. Later, in Japanese class, Magikarp was trying to be mean to me because I was too happy and she was not, but I didn’t care. My day was great. During French class I had everything right and I skipped Portuguese to come home early to work on my project. And surprisingly, all the information that I hadn’t found in weeks came to me in minutes! I just made a pause to post what I wrote for yesterday that I forgot and then it all became work. And you know what? Maybe Research is not so bad. Maybe I just needed some inspiration. My work is going to be great, and if everything goes right I’ll get to recycle it for another subject in the future. I feel so great that I bought a lotto ticket, even though I don’t believe in those things, because I thought that if I bought it today, having so much luck, my chance was bigger. We’ll see what happens. For now, I have a paper to focus on, so I think this is all for today.

So, the three lessons I learnt today:

1.- Magikarp thinks that eating tacos is sexy. She’s really funny.

2.- Love can be a tricky thing; it’s easy to forget, but once you feel it you get addicted to it.

3.- Whovie is going to be mine. It’s not a project, it’s not a wish, it is a statement. At some point in the future, I will be able to present her to people as “my girlfriend”, and maybe even more. I just need to be patient and keep it positive.

Ps. I had told I was going to say what Magikarp stands for, but I don’t see myself making a retrospective about her, so her it comes. Magikarp is one of my best friends, and she’s very talented; she sings beautifully, although not often, she is great at school and her most notorious characteristic is that she draws like a professional. The only problem is, she’s too lazy. I call her Magikarp because she has the potential to become powerful and awesome, like a Gyarados, but she’s too lazy to train her skills. Maybe someday she reaches her full potential. I would love to see her evolve.



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Retrospective: The Hipster Crew

There are too much important people in my life to write about, and these mates are really relevant lately. I’m starting to leave behind my high school crew for various reasons, but I think I should write about everyone to avoid confusions.

I met the hipster crew through Curlz, when we were starting our Japanese classes together and I wanted to be her friend. Pseudohipster was in the class too, and a few times I joined them after school. One day, they were with their other friends and they introduced me to them, but curiously they didn’t introduce them to me. When I asked Curlz afterwards, she told me: “You have to guess their names by yourself”. It took me months to know them all, but it was fun. So here’s my little introduction to the crew:

Pseudohipster: the first girl I met. I call her that way (even in real life) because she looks like a hipster, but once you get to know her she doesn’t fit any hipster stereotype. She loves literature and philosophy, and she spends most of her time reading. She’s not at all an Apple fan, and the only time I’ve seen her go into a Starbucks was to get an autograph of an indie singer who… all right, maybe she is a little hipster. But the name is old and I’m not going to change it.

Pseudogay: Pseudohipster’s best friend. He’s a tall guy who somehow always has money and a smile in his face. A theory circulating in the group was that he sells his body, but there’s a lot of evidence against it. Anyway, he got the name because he’s always surrounded by hot girls and… well, he gets a little touchy. So I stated that he’s a straight guy in the closet, pretending to be gay to have some fun with the ladies, and surprisingly everyone accepted my theory. Of course, we all know the truth, but it’s more of an inside joke to tease him. I could say that the two of them are who I like the most.

Okinawa: she’s Curlz’s best friend and the victim of all the sex jokes. Well, that last part changed this semester but we’ll get to that later. She’s a really sweet girl who was all roses and charm until she met Curlz. Curlz and the other guys like to hit on her just to piss her off, and eventually she got used to the fame. Although this might sound like bullying, there are two important points here: 1.- She doesn’t bother to be treated like this more than you could be bothered by getting a slightly colder coffee at your favourite coffee place, and 2.- If someone who doesn’t belong to the crew says something to her then immediately an army is formed around Okinawa to defend her and beat up the idiot. So she’s Ok with it.

Luna: the last and the craziest of the girls. She talks too much, is overly dramatic and has a tendency to make involuntary comments that make her sound like a slut, although she’s not (her boyfriend confirmed that she was a virgin when they first did it). Anyway, she has weird hobbies like collecting the hair of all of her closest friends, a fact that got me flattered and disturbed at the same time when she came out of nowhere and put some scissors near my neck. But she’s in general a nice girl, and I think that, besides Curlz, she’s the only one in the group that I’d date. It won’t happen, though, because she left Linguistics to study Psychology in another campus. Anyway, I’ve never thought about a serious relationship with her, so I think it’s not important to bring it up.

Aristocat: He’s the mysterious guy of the crew. He’s the only one besides me who picked Italian for specialty; he always listens to jazz and is very elitist. He’s also never here since this semester his classes are in the afternoon so we don’t see him often. He likes to be alone and most of us compare him to a cat, always by himself and being difficult to treat but in general nice. He’s gay but I’ve never seen him with a guy, and he actually is the one who could fit the best under the ‘hipster’ label.

Giggles: The first straight male of the crew (besides me). He got his name because he’s always giggling for some reason. He’s Okinawa’s boyfriend and he doesn’t show up very often, so I don’t know much about him expect that he sucks at playing poker.

Rainicorn: Well, this is a tough one. Can you think about the most obvious gay stereotype? Well, add him hipsterness, otakuness and hair that every week or so is dyed differently. –he likes Adventure Time, which is the main reason why I hang out with him, but he also likes to talk about really perverted things, which is the main reason why I don’t do it often. Putting that apart, he’s a cool guy and he knows a lot of geek stuff so I go to him when I’m curious about a TV show.

Rookie: The second straight male as far as we know, and the second-to-last to join the crew. I met him at the book fair last year, when I was checking for A Song of ice and Fire’s prices and he threw me a huge spoiler about Viserys Targaryen at the end of the first book (He doesn’t read it, he watches the show). I wanted to kill him, but that eventually became a good friendship. He’s a new fantasy writer and we discuss about our projects sometimes.

Riuk: The third straight male, named that because he looks like an attractive version of Riuk from Death Note. He’s the only one who doesn’t study Languages (He’s in Communications) and he is the closest we have to a normal person in the crew. He’s Pseudohipster’s boyfriend and although I fool around with his girl he’s pretty cool about it. (NOTE: I do not like Pseudohipster; I’m just platonically attracted to her brain.)

There are some other people in the crew, but they normally are not around when I am because our schedules are opposite. These guys are who I like the most, because with them I can be as socially awkward as I want and they don’t mind. I don’t have to care about every word I say; they understand me and if I do something really inappropriate they tell me, something that almost no one ever does. By the way, if you know someone in my situation, telling him his problem might help and it’s not at all offensive if he’s aware of his weakness. Anyway, I just wanted to share them and hope that it would explain why I love my school so much. There are people so weird, and so awesome. Normal people are boring; I always go for the strange. You should try it, you could like it.



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Think about those who love you

Think about those who love you

I normally try to avoid this kind of vocabulary. however, I saw this online and I simply couldn’t not share it. Sometimes, when people is depressed they forget about those who love them. You should always love yourself, because there is always someone who loves you, even if you don’t see it. I once thought about the possibility of doing such a horrible thing, but then I realised that I’m important to several people and that they need me, and no matter what, I want to be there for then. The idiot who wrote the start was right: everyone should read this.


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Swiss people, researchers and brazilians

I want to start by talking about Switzerland. Last Thursday on French class, Monsieur C. Told us about the Swiss. He says that they don’t have any free time, but they don’t need it because they do what they love. I’m not sure of how much of this is true, but he says that the Swiss love their work, that they are passionate about it. He says that if we’re not totally convinced of what we study we should quit and go after something else, because it’s not worth it. If you do what you love instead, you will never truly have to work, because work won’t feel like it for you. It will be fun and lovable. And even thought Swiss people doesn’t have as much free time as we do, they don’t need it, they enjoy being active and making high quality products.

The big news is that I finally got rid of Logic. I got a not-awesome-but-not-to-be-ashamed note, and the teacher said I didn’t have to go anymore. I think I will miss him, because even though his subject was insufferable, he was a cool guy. But that closes a chapter in my life, and I just have to finish my research to finally have peace.

The hipster crew is back! It turns out they didn’t really go to the congress; they just stayed the first day and then left to know the city. When they told me I got upset, because I really wanted to go to learn and I couldn’t, while they, having the opportunity, didn’t take it. But anyway, it’s their life, and eventually they’ll realise that they wasted their time. Of course, this also means that Curlz is back in my life, and that’s starting to get tense. The problem is that Zumbi is coming to see her in a month, and the closest they are, the more jealous I get. I know I shouldn’t, because I’m not dating her. In fact, Samba-pants is, or at least that’s what she says. I found very suspicious that he asked her to buy him a PS4 and then paid for it, like some sort of illegal console dealing (the PS4 triples its price in Brazil). And she keeps talking about him, like if we didn’t know already that he’s coming. It’s really annoying, but again, what choice do I have? She’s older, smarter, beautiful and pretty rich. And he’s all that too. Next to them, I look like a Magikarp between a Snorlax and a Kyroge. I simply don’t have anything to offer her.

But what makes me angry is how she treats me. She acts as if we were flirting. She gives me hints, she gets jealous if I give my attention to other girls, she plays with my hands and sometimes tries to provoke me. One day, for example, we were hanging out with the crew and Curlz was lying under a tree. I was sitting next to her and we were talking about ridiculous songs that inexplicably got famous.  She wanted me to hear one on her iPod, and while I was listening, she took my hand and put it on her foot, and during the time the song lasted she slowly moved my it until I was almost touching her… well, you know. Normally I would take this as a sign that she wants something with me, but that is difficult if she spends all day, every day, talking about how much she loves João and how she wants him to come. What am I supposed to do? Just stay there, seeing how tension between us becomes so strong that you can cut it with laser? Tell her to forget her perfect boy and stays with me, the loser who can’t afford even one date with her? Or become the other guy, the one she cheats on him with? Now, that would make me hate myself even more. Once I was cheated on by the girl I most loved, and what she hurt me so much that I decided to never be that guy. It doesn’t matter what I want to do with Curlz, I will NOT become the other guy.

In the mean time, there are six days left before The Day of The Doctor, and I haven’t told Whovie about my idea. Damn, I haven’t even seen her. I’m starting to believe that it was a bad idea after all, but again, it’s Doctor Who. And for all I know she’s going to be there, alone in her couch, having no one to share it with. She loves Doctor Who, and I know how it feels having something you love and not being able to share it with anyone. I just have this week left, and I don’t know what to do. I need to make up my mind as soon as possible. For now, I’ll just buy the fish fingers and custard and think about it. But as I see it, my best chance to tell her is sending a message through Magikarp. They share a class, and I don’t know anything about Whovie’s schedule; besides, she doesn’t use Facebook and never answers the phone. So that means I have only today to decide.

The book fair was great. I bought sixteen books for me and four for my sister, whose birthday is today. The only bad thing is that they’re translated, and Spanish translators don’t always put their effort on it. I was reading George R. R. Martin’s Wild Cards, and it’s so full with American slang that you can taste the eagle feathers on it. But everything is roughly translated, like if the guy in charge had just given a dictionary to a middle school student and told him to do it. I’m thinking that I might download the English version to read the original. Of course, I’m not paying twice because some moron did a bad job, so expect me on your eBooks websites.

I believe that there’s not much left to tell. I haven’t done a thing with my research, if you were asking. I can’t find the data I need to back up my nonsense. I don’t want to become a researcher; it’s too difficult, at least in my country. And you don’t even get paid! Here, there are two kinds of teachers in the universities: permanent teachers and contract teachers. Permanent teachers are unmovable, but not because they had earned it. They are unmovable because fifty years ago, when the Secretary of Public Education tried to open public schools all around the country, they found out that there were no teachers. So they offered permanent jobs to everyone who studied to become a teacher. Not only that, but they are legally allowed to turn their children into permanent workers as well, and it doesn’t matter how, the State must provide them with something for their children because it’s their constitutional right. And it’s the same with public health, oil industry and almost any organisation controlled by the government. You can imagine how much it has damaged the country. Lazy people just study to get the minimum required note, demand their right to become teachers and then do what they want, because both the law and the syndicate (that’s right, THE syndicate, the one that monopolises all jobs) protect them from being fired. They have the best salaries, healthcare, they’re the only people with job stability in this terrible economy and they are not required to do anything. Right now they are fighting all around the country because the government wants to force them to take proficiency tests, and they say that either a) the tests must not exist or b) even failing them shouldn’t bring them any consequences. And there are a lot of other things on the table of this semi-revolution, but I think I better make another post later to explain it.

Anyway, the contract teachers don’t have any of these rights, and in order to keep getting contracts they are obliged to do research to justify their staying. And they don’t generate working years –they work six months and then start from zero even on the same school- so they can’t retire. As a result, their research is rarely good and it’s getting worst over the generations. So there you have it, that’s why becoming a researcher is out of my mind. As soon as I finish my major I won’t do it again. And I hope that’s soon.

Well, to sum up, the three things I learnt this weekend:

1.- Switzerland is great, I might go work there someday.

2.- NEVER be a teacher in Mexico.

3.- When it’s about love, you have to think fast. Really fast. Let’s say, before a Brazilian douche comes to your country and takes the girl away. Well, that’s not really a lesson, but it’s the best I have.

Wish me luck! I think I’ll need it.



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A wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey dilemma

I finally understood Logic!

Believe it or not, it’s incredibly easy when the teacher is not underestimating you all the time. I had to re-write some exercises because I left them at home (my real home, not grandma’s place) and I finally could see the whole process. I don’t know why I didn’t get it before.

These two days have been difficult because I told myself to not buy more books until the last sales on Friday, because then I’ll get the best prices. But having the book fair so close to my classrooms is like being a recently diagnosed diabetic in Willy Wonka’s factory. I just want to run there and take everything off the shelves. But if I do that I won’t be able to buy all I want, so I must wait.

Yesterday I embarrassed myself in front of Matsumoto-san. He asked me a really simple question, “Are you going home?” (ie e kaerimasuka) and I didn’t understand it. He repeated it three times until I finally got it. I answered that I was still going to Portuguese class and I ran away. I was really ashamed. How could I not understand a three words question in simple non-past tense? It’s first grade knowledge! I think his presence makes me nervous, because I can only communicate with him in a language that causes me troubles. That’s why in order to redeem myself I stalked on Facebook until he published something useful: he was talking about his new fridge (he recently moved to the country) and that he wanted a rice maker. So I wrote that I knew where to buy one online and linked it. The problem is, although my comment was grammatically correct, I’m not sure that it was an appropriate thing to do from a Japanese person’s point of view. I hope I didn’t break any Bushido rule or something like that.

By the way, do you remember I wrote that I was making a research paper? Well, guess what: I have nothing. Zero, nada, niente, rien, nani mo arimasen. You see, the teacher divided us the classes to individually explain to us what we had to do, and I got one of the last ones (today). I was just improvising what I thought I had to do (this is the first time I have a research subject ever). It turns out I’m using the wrong method and I need to research everything again, write around twenty pages about why doing something that in my head was justified with a “why not?”, make a poll, analyse data and make conclusions, and I don’t even understand the bibliography system. I’m screwed. So I think the whole “I’m going to study Kanji to death” will have to wait until Wednesday. And my books. And maybe I skip one or two blog days.

In other news, I finally accepted that my plan of creating new whovians before the anniversary to watch it at their homes won’t work. There’s not enough time and it’s really impossible to make anyone watch 91 episodes plus specials in ten days. And that drove me to think I should ask Whovie after all. I mean, we’re the only two whovians in the city, we’re kind of friends and she lives relatively close. In Spock’s logic, it would be reasonable. The problem comes when I want to take it to practice, because thing would get pretty awkward considering that…

1.- It’s going to be at 4:30 a.m. for the time difference, so I’d actually be asking her to spend the night in her house.

2.- We’d be alone there, on her couch, under a blanket and eating fish fingers and custard. Her whole family would be asleep because they don’t care about the show.

Those two reasons make me freak out about the sole idea of asking her to watch it together. And I don’t even know if she’s going to watch it the same day; there’s only one TV provider that has BBC here, and I don’t know if they’ll transmit it on that channel, or if she has it. It’s a big bet that I’d be making. I had this whole train of thought in ten seconds when Curlz told me to ask her, and even when I don’t like to recognise it, Whovie is smarter than me, so she will immediately see it, and she could think that I want to take advantage of her or something. So I have nine days to think about it, and I have to organise a cover, because my parents and relatives would kill me if they found out that I spent the night at some girl’s house. It’s a really wibbly-wobbly thing for a timey-wimey show that I can just download the next day anyway. Any opinion will be welcome.

It’s not just the show, though. It’s the opportunity to be with her. To spend the night together, sharing something that we both love and enjoy. Even with all our differences, our arguing, all the hard times we’d had and all the difficulties that it would carry to date her. I just want to do it. I’m not even thinking about sex, both of us have very strong opinions about that (she has confidence issues and I have a trauma from an ex-girlfriend). But it could be romantic in some way. She’s Amy and I’m Rory, and even when I’d be the third one on the attention line (David Tennant and Matt Smith would totally take me down) I still believe that something could be good. Maybe a kiss. I sometimes dream about her lips, how beautiful they are and how marvellous is her voice.

And yesterday night, when I was watching The Big Bang Theory, there was a really romantic scene that I won’t talk about because someone could not have seen it yet, but that made think. I want what he wants. I want to be able to do that for someone, to show her how much I care about her, to make her smile and be happy- I want to be that guy, because even being the weirdest person he can be, he has love, and he has someone to give love to. I wish I could do that.

I think it’s time to go to sleep. Tomorrow I have a lot to do and not enough time. So, the three things that I learnt today:

1.- Propositional Logic is totally useless unless you want to  program Java.

2.- Being with the person you like and sharing the thing that you love must be the greatest experience that one could ever have. And I have nine days to prove it.

3.- When you want love, real love, it’s not about receiving. You want to give everything you have, everything you are, to make that person happy. Even when there’s no person and you just know that there must be someone for you out there, hoping it’s the girl from school.



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