So I decided to start a blog.

After a long time of thinking about stuff and what my life will be, I thought “well, maybe I’d feel better if I write about it. After all, I’m a writer”. So let me start saying that. I’m a writer, or at least I want to be one. I’ve already written a book although I’m not too sure about it, so I’m rewriting it. I’m a native Spanish speaker, but I’m studying five other languages. I’m 19, and I’m a lonely person. I do have a lot of friends but not really someone who I could trust my life. I have moved several times and I’m not used to trust people. I don’t have a friend from infancy like most people I know do. So here I am, telling you all this things because I trust more the Internet than the people who surround me.

I like Doctor Who thanks to a girl I have feeling for, and who probably will be mentioned a lot here. I play Pokèmon and Portal, and sometimes The Sims. Some people say I’m a hipster, and I don’t want to recognise it but maybe I am. I sell munchies at the uni and I like to play British when I speak or write English. I’m in almost any aspect, a non conventional person.

You’d think that all that would make me a pretty social person, but no. In fact, sometimes I have troubles with that. I can’t easily understand sarcasm or non-verbal language. I thought I had Asperger Syndrome but it turns out I’m just a weirdo. So here I am, and I think you will be interested on my story. You could like me, you could hate me, you could find me Psychology thesis material, but I don’t think you get bored reading this. So here we go.


Next post: A talk about love with a shining conclusion


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