A talk about love with a shining conclusion

Today was one of those days when you wake up and realise you’re not going to do anything.

I went to the uni at 8 am and everything was really calm. Well, for me, for the rest of the group it was volcano day. My first class on Mondays is French, and it’s not really my class, I just go because I like French and I like Monsieur C.’s class. Well, it was oral exam day so the teacher sat with two people on the desk (calling somebody else from time to time) and let us do what we wanted. So naturally I didn’t want to do much. I stayed at the back of the classroom with two friends and we played Pokèmon for a while (I caught Snorlax on my first try). So later I went to Italian class to take my test, to find out the Professoressa didn’t come. And what did I do then? What every nerd does in those situations: I went to the library.

I found there my friend Kuáng (a half Chinese girl who I sometimes hang out with). I tried to read but she wanted to talk, and what I was reading wasn’t really interesting, so we ended up chatting about love. We exchanged opinions and she told me about her love issues: apparently, she doesn’t feel like her relationship is working, because her boyfriend is too.. well, passive. He lets her make all the decisions and doesn’t really bring up any ideas for fun things to do. He just accepts all she says. In the other hand, there’s a guy that she really connects with (her ex, actually), but she just can’t feel things that way.

After a few minutes of talking we came to the conclusion that what we need is someone to argue with. I’m not kidding. Our view is this: in every relationship there must be some friction, some differences that engage both people in arguments. Of course, I’m not talking about punching-and-suing arguments, but some healthy discussions when both express different points of view about a subject, whether ridiculous or transcendental, and get to a compromise. This should happen often enough to keep things hot, but not too much so the relationship is in danger. When one of the mates always agree with what the other says, things get pretty boring. Eventually, the active mate will get sick of the passive mate’s behaviour and want to get rid of him/her.

We shared thoughts about this and she said she was reconsidering her relationship, but didn’t want to let him go. I couldn’t think about what to say. I don’t think they have a future, but he’s kind of my buddy, so I can’t go tell his girl to break up with him. So instead I turned the conversation about how this argument thing was one of the things I most enjoyed of Whovie, the girl I’m (or was, I’m not so sure) in love with. With Whovie I always had those discussions, but the problem is, we always had those discussions. People was starting to get tired of it. I haven’t seen her in a while, and I often ask myself if she had the same view or not.

Anyway, I had already decided I wasn’t going to the other classes (I forgot half of my stuff when I went back to my home city this weekend and it didn’t make sense to arrive without them) so we were leaving when we saw a poster. The uni was going to present Jack Nicholson’s “The Shining” for a terror cinema event, so we looked at each other and had the same thought. We rushed to the theatre and picked seats. I got lucky: in the middle of the movie something went wrong with the projection system and there was a break where I could sell a lot of munchies. We watched the rest; I didn’t get the end pretty well but I liked Nicholson’s performance. After that I went to get products and I finally came back home. I wanted to write a bit on one of my projects but my brain was dry, so I chose the blog instead. (Mind note: I need more discipline at writing.)

Well, as Arya Stark says, you must learn three things before going to bed everyday, so here are my three things:

1.- Perfect Disney love doesn’t work. You need some friction to start the fire.

2.- Jack Nicholson is the hell of an actor.

3.- When life gives you lemons, sell her cookies and juice boxes.

I’ve been thinking about Whovie a lot, so my next post will be about her. I think that could help me clarify things in my head. She’s currently out of my life, although we’re at the same uni, but she left before I could clarify what I feel about her. Since this blog’s purpose is to narrate my pursuit of love, and it started years ago, we may have a lot of retrospectives.



Next post: Retrospective: Meet Whovie


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