My brain’s capoeira

Kuáng’s boyfriend broke up with her yesterday.

We still don’t know what happened; it was like he was listening to everything we talked about yesterday. I saw her today on our first class (6:00 a.m., not even an important subject) and after we finished the activity the teacher gave us she told me everything. Apparently, when they were hanging out he just dropped the bomb. “I think this isn’t going anywhere”, he said. He asked her if she had doubts about the relationships and after five minutes of talking if was over. The interesting part is, she wasn’t sad about it. Maybe she hadn’t assimilated it yet when I saw her, but she wasn’t even worried. She says she won’t date anyone else until she finishes the uni (why do all girls say that?). I said it was cool and if she ever needed to talk about it I was there for her.

Later, after French class, I went to hang out with my crew. Well, my other crew. This is the thing: my friends can be divided in four crews. The Classroom crew, the other nerds. The Otaku crew, a group of girls I know from Japanese class and their friends. The Hipster crew, a bunch of guys older than me that are so liberal I can talk with them about things that would freak out most people (where’s the do-not-cross line on incest, for example). And the High School crew, my oldest friends that I don’t see a lot because we all are in different universities. Well, back to the ranch, I went to hang out with the Hipster crew only to find out they are going to a Linguistics congress out of town. I was angry at first because I couldn’t afford to go, but then I found out that the other three straight guys were also staying (I don’t know if it’s connected). I don’t have a lot of male friends so I thought this can be a real opportunity to spend more time with them.

I was only a little mad because Curlz, the other girl I liked (my next retrospective will be about things with Whovie and Curlz the last semester) was ranting about how she’s so poor and her daddy doesn’t want to give her money. Normally I wouldn’t care about it, but she actually received a lot (the double of the all-paid cover) and she’s the one who will be more loaded there. She seems to not fully understand the concept of being poor. And as you might guess someone who sells munchies at school isn’t exactly Tony Stark, so I felt offended by her attitude. I didn’t say anything, though, I’ve done it before and she just can’t see it.

After ignoring her for a while and spending time with the rest I went to French class (the official one, not the one I’m taking for will). Everything normal, although I almost fell asleep in class (I curse with all my heart the one who decided 6:00 a.m. was a great time to take classes). It was in Portuguese where I had problems.

I’m starting to feel frustrated.

I’m good in Portuguese; I understand easily and can pronounce and write decently for my level. But lately I don’t really enjoy the class the way I did at first. It could be because we’re going too slowly or because we’re repeating lessons, but I no longer wait for the last class with enthusiasm. It is becoming a routine act to go, and I often miss classes because I just don’t want to stay. Through the years, I’ve always believed that in order to learn a new language you need to love it, you need to feel passion for it. And that’s the way I feel about my other languages; every time I learn something new I just want to use it, to share it with someone. And it used to be the same with Portuguese. But I’m not sure if it has to do something with Curlz or her “boyfriend”, or the way the class has been developing, I feel like I go to the classroom by pure obligation. I’ve been thinking about leaving, but I don’t think that’s a good option. After all, I paid for that class; I’m even writing a paper about how to incorporate it to the university. It doesn’t feel fair.

I was thinking about all that when a friend reminded me: next Monday starts the Book Fair! I’ve been saving money for a while (last year I didn’t know and couldn’t buy too much) and I’m excited about it. I’m still trying to get over Whovie (though nothing really happened there) and a bunch of big ol’ books is just what I need. Let’s see how everything goes.

And the three things I learnt today:

1.- Mind reading in couples is a possibility. I should dig into that.

2.- If you have something most people don’t, try to be sensitive when you talk about it. You might hurt a friend without noticing.

3.- The love for your career is as important as the love for your soul mate.



Next post: Whovie’s quiet farewell and Curlz’s confusing moves


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