A fair book fair

This morning I finally decided to take care of my school life. Up to this day, I’ve never really cared about studying, because I’ve never really had to, but I realised that I need to gain more discipline and responsibility over my learning. That’s why the first thing I did in the morning was finishing my delayed homework.

During French class, I noticed I have troubles understanding certain variations of the spoken language, and since I saw on TV there will be a new French show on Cinemax, I’ll look for it and start watching it. Later, after the Italian test, I saw that my note will be great, and happy as I was I promised to take a rest to focus on the languages that give me more troubles. But first, I have to pass the oral test, and that is a team work, so my new convictions can wait until Wednesday. I’m going to work with a friend that acts strangely, though. She seems to flirt with me, but she doesn’t really like me. She has some sort of a boyfriend, and things between them are odd. Basically, He works in oil, so he’s in town only a week every month. They’re not an official couple, so I’m fine with her flirting. But I understand we wouldn’t work as a couple, and so does she, because we’re totally different. In fact, I think the only thing we have in common is Italian class. And that confuses me about her attitude. Why would a girl who is on a relationship flirt with a friend who she’s not into? Women are weird.

Anyway, the book fair is on! After my test I had a free hour and I went to check. I found out two things: Number one, books for learning are more expensive than they should. And number two, the dean will use any excuse to look good in front of the cameras. I couldn’t see all the aisles because he was taking a lot of space with his team and the journalists, but I saw enough to realise that I will get poor after this week. I had some cash and I bought two books about Japanese learning and one about Mayan culture, and I am thinking about how I will choose the other books I’ll buy. I don’t want to pay for anything that I have already read, but I can’t know that a book I haven’t read worth my money. Of course, I could just buy the first books I see, but I’ll feel empty and vain. And I don’t want to buy the popular books; reading them while they’re mainstream topic takes away a part of the reading experience, the sensation that you and the book are alone and belong to each other, and that you can have a level of privacy that is impossible with other people. Wow, that sounds incredibly weird now that I wrote it down.

Later I went to Japanese class and I heard great news: Matsumoto-san is staying! Matsumoto-san is a Japanese man who got married with an ex-student of Japanese, and they weren’t sure about where they would live. But now I found out that he’ll stay in the city, he’ll teach some martial art and maybe he teaches advanced Japanese. He’s a cool guy, and I hope I can hang out with him every once in a while. He doesn’t speak Spanish or English, so he might not have too many options to pick from. I know that’s cheating, but I don’t care. I have a Japanese friend now.

I came home with the clear idea that I was going to work on my Kanji, and I did. I learnt… ten Kanji. Ok, maybe it’s not a lot, but if I keep perseverating I will learn the basic 2,000 in less than a year. A part of the purpose of the blog was to get discipline, and I feel like it’s working. I already feel obliged to write at least a page every night.  I must now integrate the Kanji study into that routine.

Well, today was not a busy day, so that’s pretty much all I have to say. I’ll try to spend some time with Matsumoto-san and help him get used to the local cuisine. And I must keep my Kanji updated.

So, the three things I learnt today:

1.- I may or may not have a book fetish.

2.- Flirting and Love can be completely unrelated, or at least some girls see it that way.

3.- Discipline is the key to all learning.

Also, here’s a little list of Kanji. If you know a bit about Japanese you might noticed I skipped the basic, but I already know around a hundred and I don’t think I need to work on those.

耳 Ear

金 Gold, money

左 Left

右 Right

手 Hand

足 Foot, leg, limb, addition

生 Previous, forward

先 Life, to be born

赤 Red

青 Blue



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