Retrospective: The Hipster Crew

There are too much important people in my life to write about, and these mates are really relevant lately. I’m starting to leave behind my high school crew for various reasons, but I think I should write about everyone to avoid confusions.

I met the hipster crew through Curlz, when we were starting our Japanese classes together and I wanted to be her friend. Pseudohipster was in the class too, and a few times I joined them after school. One day, they were with their other friends and they introduced me to them, but curiously they didn’t introduce them to me. When I asked Curlz afterwards, she told me: “You have to guess their names by yourself”. It took me months to know them all, but it was fun. So here’s my little introduction to the crew:

Pseudohipster: the first girl I met. I call her that way (even in real life) because she looks like a hipster, but once you get to know her she doesn’t fit any hipster stereotype. She loves literature and philosophy, and she spends most of her time reading. She’s not at all an Apple fan, and the only time I’ve seen her go into a Starbucks was to get an autograph of an indie singer who… all right, maybe she is a little hipster. But the name is old and I’m not going to change it.

Pseudogay: Pseudohipster’s best friend. He’s a tall guy who somehow always has money and a smile in his face. A theory circulating in the group was that he sells his body, but there’s a lot of evidence against it. Anyway, he got the name because he’s always surrounded by hot girls and… well, he gets a little touchy. So I stated that he’s a straight guy in the closet, pretending to be gay to have some fun with the ladies, and surprisingly everyone accepted my theory. Of course, we all know the truth, but it’s more of an inside joke to tease him. I could say that the two of them are who I like the most.

Okinawa: she’s Curlz’s best friend and the victim of all the sex jokes. Well, that last part changed this semester but we’ll get to that later. She’s a really sweet girl who was all roses and charm until she met Curlz. Curlz and the other guys like to hit on her just to piss her off, and eventually she got used to the fame. Although this might sound like bullying, there are two important points here: 1.- She doesn’t bother to be treated like this more than you could be bothered by getting a slightly colder coffee at your favourite coffee place, and 2.- If someone who doesn’t belong to the crew says something to her then immediately an army is formed around Okinawa to defend her and beat up the idiot. So she’s Ok with it.

Luna: the last and the craziest of the girls. She talks too much, is overly dramatic and has a tendency to make involuntary comments that make her sound like a slut, although she’s not (her boyfriend confirmed that she was a virgin when they first did it). Anyway, she has weird hobbies like collecting the hair of all of her closest friends, a fact that got me flattered and disturbed at the same time when she came out of nowhere and put some scissors near my neck. But she’s in general a nice girl, and I think that, besides Curlz, she’s the only one in the group that I’d date. It won’t happen, though, because she left Linguistics to study Psychology in another campus. Anyway, I’ve never thought about a serious relationship with her, so I think it’s not important to bring it up.

Aristocat: He’s the mysterious guy of the crew. He’s the only one besides me who picked Italian for specialty; he always listens to jazz and is very elitist. He’s also never here since this semester his classes are in the afternoon so we don’t see him often. He likes to be alone and most of us compare him to a cat, always by himself and being difficult to treat but in general nice. He’s gay but I’ve never seen him with a guy, and he actually is the one who could fit the best under the ‘hipster’ label.

Giggles: The first straight male of the crew (besides me). He got his name because he’s always giggling for some reason. He’s Okinawa’s boyfriend and he doesn’t show up very often, so I don’t know much about him expect that he sucks at playing poker.

Rainicorn: Well, this is a tough one. Can you think about the most obvious gay stereotype? Well, add him hipsterness, otakuness and hair that every week or so is dyed differently. –he likes Adventure Time, which is the main reason why I hang out with him, but he also likes to talk about really perverted things, which is the main reason why I don’t do it often. Putting that apart, he’s a cool guy and he knows a lot of geek stuff so I go to him when I’m curious about a TV show.

Rookie: The second straight male as far as we know, and the second-to-last to join the crew. I met him at the book fair last year, when I was checking for A Song of ice and Fire’s prices and he threw me a huge spoiler about Viserys Targaryen at the end of the first book (He doesn’t read it, he watches the show). I wanted to kill him, but that eventually became a good friendship. He’s a new fantasy writer and we discuss about our projects sometimes.

Riuk: The third straight male, named that because he looks like an attractive version of Riuk from Death Note. He’s the only one who doesn’t study Languages (He’s in Communications) and he is the closest we have to a normal person in the crew. He’s Pseudohipster’s boyfriend and although I fool around with his girl he’s pretty cool about it. (NOTE: I do not like Pseudohipster; I’m just platonically attracted to her brain.)

There are some other people in the crew, but they normally are not around when I am because our schedules are opposite. These guys are who I like the most, because with them I can be as socially awkward as I want and they don’t mind. I don’t have to care about every word I say; they understand me and if I do something really inappropriate they tell me, something that almost no one ever does. By the way, if you know someone in my situation, telling him his problem might help and it’s not at all offensive if he’s aware of his weakness. Anyway, I just wanted to share them and hope that it would explain why I love my school so much. There are people so weird, and so awesome. Normal people are boring; I always go for the strange. You should try it, you could like it.



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