What Grownups call love

I’m happy today. Happy, happy, happy!

Let’s sum up things: My sister’s birthday was Ok. We went to the movies, ate hamburgers and got cake. Our plan was going to the Chinese buffet but for some reason it was closed. The only bad thing was that she lost her phone, but at the end my dad gave her one of his own (he had two). The next day I didn’t have class for national holiday, and we made a little barbeque. She was still mad about her mobile but she’ll get over it, I hope.

Anyway, yesterday I found out about great news: the teacher gave us two extra days for the research paper! I spent a lot of time working on it yesterday and today, and I believe I’ll have it on time. I have not been selling too much lately, but I don’t even care after what happened today.

Our uni has an interesting system, I don’t know if it is a universal thing but at least for me it’s a brand new way of justice. Every semester all the students have one anonymous chance to grade their teachers based on a series of criteria. Our group had its chance today, and I think I can say I was fair. Curiously I ended giving the best commentaries to the Logic teacher. He took an insufferable subject and turned it into a challenge, and I believe that deserves some recognising. At the end, the worst part was for the Methodology teacher. She might know a lot about her subject, but she just can’t teach. I hope she gets better someday because she could be on the top.

But what made my day was what happened right after the evaluation. I went to the library with some friends (Up until the last year I did not even know that sentence was possible) and I was looking for a table when I saw her. Whovie. She was right in front of me, and Magikarp went to say hello, so I thought it could be the best opportunity to talk to her. I casually asked where she is going to see “The Day of The Doctor” and she told me that at home; she does have the channel. I decided I was not going to invite myself to her house after all, and I said that I meant a website. And then we started talking about Doctor Who for the first time since I met it. It was wonderful; we both agreed in several points and it was amazing that, for the first time, we did not fight at all. It was our little private moment; literally nobody around us could understand what had us so excited and chatty. She showed me a video she made (She’s really good, it was her first fanvid and almost made me cry) and she confessed that the reason behind curling he hair was River Song. I wish I had more time with her, but she was late with some homework and I didn’t want to interrupt; besides, I had to study for my Italian oral test (that at the end I didn’t have). But it was great. Really, really great.

After today, I remembered why I like Whovie. It’s not because she’s weird, although that’s awesome. It’s not for all her energy, although it makes her fun. It’s not because she’s smart, because sometimes she can say really dumb things and that doesn’t turn me down. No, it’s something else. Something unique about her, something that makes me want to be with her forever. She just makes me smile. No reason, just her presence is enough to brighten my day. I tried so hard to get over her that I forgot how amazing it feels to be around her. When we’re together I feel like I know everything, like I can do anything I want. She reminds me how even the darkest place has a bit of light. She makes me want to be a better person. It’s not even her intention; she doesn’t know any of this, but just her mere presence turns me into a giant. Normally I think too much about everything, but for her I could take down the Great Wall of China without even stopping to figure out why. With Curlz I don’t feel like this. She’s better than me in any aspect; she just makes me feel insecure and ignorant. But Whovie, Whovie is like a drug for me. Everything about her drives me crazy; her face, her eyes, her voice, her ideas and her sexy, sexy curves just waiting to be touched. I feel awesome just by having her near me, even when we’re angry with each other. I think that this is what the grownups call love.

After all those feelings running inside of me, I thought nothing could make my day better. Well, guess what? I got a 100% on my written Italian test! Not even a single mistake. We had a little talk about prepositions and we left early. Later, in Japanese class, Magikarp was trying to be mean to me because I was too happy and she was not, but I didn’t care. My day was great. During French class I had everything right and I skipped Portuguese to come home early to work on my project. And surprisingly, all the information that I hadn’t found in weeks came to me in minutes! I just made a pause to post what I wrote for yesterday that I forgot and then it all became work. And you know what? Maybe Research is not so bad. Maybe I just needed some inspiration. My work is going to be great, and if everything goes right I’ll get to recycle it for another subject in the future. I feel so great that I bought a lotto ticket, even though I don’t believe in those things, because I thought that if I bought it today, having so much luck, my chance was bigger. We’ll see what happens. For now, I have a paper to focus on, so I think this is all for today.

So, the three lessons I learnt today:

1.- Magikarp thinks that eating tacos is sexy. She’s really funny.

2.- Love can be a tricky thing; it’s easy to forget, but once you feel it you get addicted to it.

3.- Whovie is going to be mine. It’s not a project, it’s not a wish, it is a statement. At some point in the future, I will be able to present her to people as “my girlfriend”, and maybe even more. I just need to be patient and keep it positive.

Ps. I had told I was going to say what Magikarp stands for, but I don’t see myself making a retrospective about her, so her it comes. Magikarp is one of my best friends, and she’s very talented; she sings beautifully, although not often, she is great at school and her most notorious characteristic is that she draws like a professional. The only problem is, she’s too lazy. I call her Magikarp because she has the potential to become powerful and awesome, like a Gyarados, but she’s too lazy to train her skills. Maybe someday she reaches her full potential. I would love to see her evolve.



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