Movies, foreigners and the girls in my life

Well, almost a week! I guess I should write more often. So… oops. But the important thing is that I am back and updating.

Last Thursday was my last day of classes. I had my last voluntary French class and then I went to hang out with the hipster crew. Guess what? Pseudohipster, Pseudogay, Okinawa and a few more went to another congress. And this time it was at the same time that the national book fair; they all got autographed books. I’m happy for them; they really wanted to get those.

What I just realised is that samba head is coming to visit Curlz in two weeks exactly. Which is fine; it’s not like she’s my girlfriend, and besides… Ah, I cheat nobody. I am dying of jealousy. And impotence. I feel it’s unfair; he’s not there, they have not seen each other in years and I think he is using her to get cheap stuff just because the exportation taxes in Brazil are too high. But again, there’s no way I can prove this, and she already thinks I am paranoid about him. And I know I promised to focus on Whovie, but seeing Curlz acting so naïve and helpless for that guy makes me furious. I am here, I care about her, and I share things with her. I know I’m not the perfect guy, I’m not even close. But I am very similar to what she says he is. I think that I should at least talk with her in an honest way about this, because even when both of us feel the tension when the other one talks about a crush, neither of us has acted on it. And being I the most affected, I should bring up the subject. So I decided, right while I was writing this sentence, that I will ask her out to discuss it. This is my last week in the city, and I want to do it face to face. I’m just going to be direct. “Look, I like you, and I know things between us are not part of your plans or even a plausible thing, but I just had to tell you. We are friends, and I want it to continue that way. I accept your relationship, even though I don’t trust him, and I hope things are ok between us. I just did not want to take this home and think about it for two months. But please, just please, I will ask you a favour: stop making him the central topic of all your conversations.” Yeah, I think that could do it. It’s a reasonable request; I’m not asking her to leave him or to stop talking to me about him. I just ask for some regular talks with her, like in the old times. It could work. And I’m not seeing her until February anyway, so she will have time for herself. I will get it out of my chest and finish with all the Curlz drama. And then I can move on to Whovie.

And speaking of her… well, nothing, really. I haven’t seen her again after my last post and I don’t think I will this semester. I have thought about stalking her to get one of two subjects with her the next time, but that’s a little childish. I guess if it’s fate then we will have them, and if it’s not, then I will have to find a way to hang out with her. Without asking her out, of course, I have to start subtle and work from there.

Or have I? Because our last encounters have been really smooth. Since we started talking about Doctor Who we have a lot more in common and we haven’t had a single fight, which considering the normal frequency of them is a great achievement. Because I understand her better now. She is a lot like River Song (and she tries to be) and she started comparing me with the Eleventh Doctor. Well, she did it once, but it counts, and our interactions are feeling similar to the ones of those two. Maybe that’s the key. We’re not a normal couple of friends. Or colleagues. Or a normal anything, really. But if there’s a model that can be similar to our relationship maybe that’s how things should flow. Taking out all the timey-wimey stuff, of course, it could work. I can use my social awkwardness and her eccentricity and make us work. Because who’s more socially awkward than a two-hearted alien? And who’s more eccentric than his friends’… oh, wait. Not everyone is a whovian here, I assume. Spoilers. 😉

(Note: I will make a post talking about Doctor Who. If you want to understand all of my references and/or you love science-fiction and have some free time, I strongly recommend you to watch the show.)

The rest of the weekend things have been pretty much normal. I watched both of the Hunger Games movies; I had read the books before and I knew they were great. So I downloaded the first one and went to the movies to see the other one (I’m a pirate, but I like huge screens). I must say I really liked them, but there’s a thing that has been bothering me. If you don’t like the Hunger Games or just hate spoilers, you should skip the next paragraph.

Well, I was thinking about the casting. I was really expecting a more diverse thing; I mean, we’re talking about a post-apocalyptic story taking place on the remains of the USA. So, as a Mexican, the first thing I noticed was that all the non-white people in Panem happens to live in District 11, the second poorest, and the one dedicated to harvesting, former work of slaves. At first I thought “well, not a big deal, Hollywood has always been a little racist”. But when they presented the secondary characters I saw something else, a little less obvious if you didn’t pay attention to the message of the books and only read them because they were mainstream. And what I noticed is that all the black characters are martyrs. Starting with Rue, the little girl from District 11. She is Katniss’ ally in the games, and she dies in her arms. And her death is the main cause for the riots in District 11. Then we have Tresh, the boy from the same district who let Katniss escape and got killed for that. It gave her a chance to survive and win the games, thus bringing hope to the districts. As a detail, in the books the district also sands her bread as a sign of support. The third martyr is the old man who puts up the three fingers and makes the district take conscience of what they must do, being killed for that and causing his son to start the riots (something straight original from the film). And at the end we have Cinna, the designer, the creator of the girl on fire and the mockingjay. The one who made the revolution start in all the districts with Katniss as a symbol and got brutally murdered in front of her eyes right before she had to go kill old dudes. And watching all this happen I could just think “wow, it’s really useful to kill black people in Panem”. Maybe the casting director wasn’t thinking about the message of the books, or maybe they just wanted to create empathy to black people, but for what I’ve read online, it just backfired. But all this symbolic MLKs just proved something: the USA people are too racist. I feel sad that all those comments happened, because if the biggest world power has that concept of non-white people (who happen to be 80% of humanity) then something is going to be very wrong very soon.

Well, at the end, everything is about perspective. Maybe someday people realise that we are all a single race and not three hundred, and that we must be united. And if it takes aliens or a zombie apocalypse (please let it be Daleks) then I guess it will have to happen. For now, we should all stop thinking about colour. It’s just unhealthy.

There’s not much to add to this post. Yesterday it was my mum’s birthday, and we ate lamb barbacoa (delicious Mexican dish, it has nothing to do with USA barbeque) ad I bought the cake. It was in general a nice day. And today I started my exam; the first Japanese test was really simple. It was what I failed the last time, so I already knew what I had done wrong and fixed it. I didn’t really remember much about the first French test, I hope I did it well. And Portuguese, well, it was a letter, but I honestly don’t care about it much. It was to write a letter, and I think it was ok, but I don’t really feel worried about it. I had some fun, though, because I remembered something Curlz had said about her guy. You see, he comes from a zone with a curious accent, and every time they need to say a mute consonant they add an “ee” sound after it which turns any rude, manly talk into something you’d hear on a Mickey Mouse show. And if for example he started listing music genres, all his speech about rock, pop, rap and hip-hop would be a hysterical talk about “hokee, poppee, rapee and (my favourite) heepee-hoppee”. I know I sound hypocrite saying this right after I extended myself talking about racism, but I just hate the guy. And as I said before, I’m just racist with people I already hated. If he had a brother or so I would treat him as an equal. But he has not, and I will laugh imagining him getting all “crackee” and being surprised planning an unauthorised “gangee-bangee” (something Curlz joked about and that didn’t make me laugh until I imagined his accent). I can’t imagine him saying Xbox, it’s just too much.

So, after I finished mocking a foreigner who doesn’t even know me, here are the three things I learnt today:

1.- Not all relationships are the same, and not all of them should be managed the same way. Love is a tricky thing.

2.- Racism is not a good thing, especially not in movies with a deep meaning. I am misbehaving. But it’s only with one guy, I’ll stop someday.

3.- If I ever find myself on Brazilian ghetto I’m going to laugh to painful death.



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3 thoughts on “Movies, foreigners and the girls in my life

  1. I think you should tell her how you feel. We regret most the things unsaid. I might be biased because, come on, River Song and such! Take care of yourself and be wary with love. Like you say, it IS tricky!

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