My last date with Curlz

These two days have been full of great things. Let me start saying that I have been helping a friend with French. Remember when I was interviewed by my classmates about what I have planned for my future? Well, one of them, the girl, asked me to prepare her for the French tests next Monday. And yesterday I met with her in the library and I explained to her all the topics that gave her troubles. I also showed them the Language Learning section of the library; they have good books translated and adapted into French and Italian. In fact, that’s how I studied for my Italian tests: just reading.

Anyway, she was glad that I helped her and I also worked with her confidence. She’s actually good at French and learns fast, but she has a low concept of herself and that makes difficult for her to learn. I did all I could to make her feel secure and confident, and gave her a few tips for the test. She told me I should be a psychologist, to which I responded that I almost picked the major because I realised at the last minute how childish and unprofessional I would be. I still study it, though, just for fun.

My tests were Ok, but the Japanese teacher wanted to talk to us afterwards. We’re four in the group and she had already told us that the girl who didn’t come was going to repeat the semester. But she was offering us a choice. M-Sensei said that it would be a good idea if we repeated too, not because we didn’t reach the score but for school politics. It’s necessary to have a group of five to open the class, and this semester we had to chip in and pay to subscribe Curlz, even though she wasn’t going to take the class, just to open the group. If we kept moving on eventually we would be unable to open a group and lose all our progress. Besides, the group behind us is really big and it’s difficult for them to come in their schedule (we have midday, they have 6pm). So after discussing it a lot, Magikarp, Onigiri and I decided that we should repeat and let the teacher take our schedule for the next group. That means that, excepting for Whovie and another girl, the Japanese crew will be together again, and we’ll have Okinawa with us. Isn’t it great?

During my free time I have been thinking, and I got an idea: I’m going to sell a franchise of my business. Munchies Corp. has a lot of success and gives me good money, but it is limited by the fact that I can only be in one place at a time. If I could have more coolers in the unexplored areas of the university, I could eventually make a little fortune. And this could help me a lot to get my next toy: a Steam box. They will come out next year, and I decided that it’s time to grow up and start paying for my videogames. Also, I want to play Portal in co-op. So, while I still don’t know if the franchise selling could work, I already have an idea to make money these Christmas break without working for The Man: I’m going to sell stuff on eBay. Not my stuff, of course, there’s almost nothing interesting. But there’s a pawn shop near my house that has really great prices and cool things. I read on another blog about someone who did that for living, and I think if I execute my plan well this could become permanent. It’s way more risky than the chocolate business, but you only live once, right?

And I used a phrase that I promised myself to never use, so I think it’s time to change the subject. So let’s go with what brought you here: my date with Curlz. Originally we scheduled it for yesterday, but she had a date with the doctor and had to cancel. She seemed to be pretty sad because we were going for sushi and she hasn’t gone out in a while (she’s having financial issues thanks to capoeidouche) but she still wanted to do it so I changed it for today.

The mall is a few minutes away from the uni, so I went there to spend my time after the tests while she arrived. She was early, for my surprise; she says she can’t afford to fix her car and had to walk there. So while we waited for our sushi we started to talk about her life; how she’s just adapting to the poor girl lifestyle for the first time and how difficult it is. I talked to her about good money management, something she doesn’t really understand because she never had the need to do it, and we chatted about how she could make her money last more. She also told me about Whovie; apparently she failed an important subject and asked Curlz if the teacher could be bribed (he’s known as the worst teacher at the uni and he’s the reason I picked Italian and not French). But while we talked Curlz’s mobile rang. It was João. She was about to pick it up but I flipped it, and then she asked me why. So I knew this was the moment I had to say it. And I did.

“Look, honey, it’s not a secret to anyone that I like you…”

She opened her eyes widely. That’s not the reaction I was waiting for.

“Well, it was for me!” she half-said, half-shouted. “Weren’t you the one who told me how crazy you were for Whovie and stuff?”

“Well… that was half a truth. The truth is I like you both. But when you have to choose between Pluto and Neptune, which one is closer?”

“I think I get your point” she answered, thinking about what she had told me about dating whovie.

“Well, what I wanted to say is, I already know nothing is going to happen with you, I always knew. That’s why I told you I didn’t like you anymore. I don’t mind, though, I’m perfectly fine with you going around dating other people and such. I won’t ask you for anything but a little thing: when we’re doing stuff together, like this, I would like some consideration. You know I don’t exactly like him, and I like having fun with you, but it’s annoying to have to compete with a phone for your attention, so could you please, when we go out, just ignore him?”

“But… him?”

“Just for a few minutes. It would be really nice.”

And she understood. She put her phone in her bag and didn’t take it out the rest of the afternoon. We moved on to other topics; books, TV shows and how there are ponies of everything (If you don’t believe me, put in Google Images the name of anything you want followed by the letters MLP). And it was a nice day. I felt relieved of all that I had kept a secret (a terrible one, since everyone but her noticed) and I could spent a few hours with a friend I care about a lot.

At the end, I went to leave her at the uni because I didn’t want her to walk alone in the dark. We were talking about how she thought I find her an annoying rich daddy’s girl. I said I don’t, but it makes me sad to see her when she has money, because her personality changes. She’s more reserved and looks less happy, while now that she has barely nothing she’s starting to have her first adventures at the city (taking the bus, going out without money, getting paid for everything by others instead of the other way around, etc). At the end I told her something I hope she doesn’t forget:

“If you could act when you’re rich the same way you act when you’re poor, you would be perfect”.

She was happy when we said goodbye. I was thinking about stealing a kiss from her, but I decided that would just make things more complicated. So I left. And when I was out, trying to get a taxi, something unexpected happened. Someone touched my arm.

It was Whovie.

She never goes to school at those hours and neither do I. I was dropping Curlz and she was trying to bribe the teacher. I told her I knew how good she is at French and that it was the teacher’s fault and then I heard her version: she was going to get a 7/10, but since she had the second best academic record at the uni she thought she couldn’t keep that. So she applied for the optional test and failed, leaving her with a 5 for the semester. I was about to offer my help when she got a cab and left.

But from my point of view, her appearance was a sign. A sign that it’s time to move on with Curlz and go for the big one. So I made a choice: no more fooling around. Now my goal is to get Whovie. And no one will distract me from it.

So the three things that I learnt today were:

  1. Being sincere is the best way to solve a love issue.
  2. I can find a great way to make money; I just need to take a risk.
  3. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. You have to move on. But if it is, the universe will conspire on your side.



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