My first days of vacations

These last three days have been a lot of progress for me. It all started last Tuesday, when I went back to school to get my final grades. I got an 8 in French, and although it’s a good note I was expecting to get more. Luckily I had a chance to look at my exam and find out what I was doing wrong, and I will work on those points. Which reminds me that I haven’t even looked at the Japanese book. That will be my goal for today.

After getting my test results I was going to take the bus back to my grandma’s, when I remembered: I’m supposed to be working on my social skills. So I went back and looked around for any known people. And I found three: a group of friends from the voluntary French class, including the girl I helped (who I will call Terry from now on, just because). I remembered when she told me that she saw my group of friends as an exclusive nerd club that doesn’t talk to anyone, and I wanted to change that. So I joined them and asked about their tests and how they were going to pass or fail the subjects. We were talking for a few minutes and I found them more interesting than what I had initially thought. By the way, I’m not really sure of what grade Terry got, but her final note was a 7. Considering that she had a previous 5 and that her note was semester + exam/2, I think she got around a 9, and that means she’s better than she thought. She’s a nice girl but she has self-esteem issues and I finally found out why: she was friendzoned by her best friend. She says it’s better to love from far away and I felt really sad. I realised I do that all the time. I told her a few words to cheer her up and when they had to leave I gave her a short hug, so she could know I’m with her.

After that I went to the uni’s café to see if I could find someone else and there was Google. Google is a guy from my class who doesn’t really interact a lot with anyone but he always seems to know anything you ask him. Anyway, Google was disinfecting a laptop and we started talking about computers and video games and how the Steam Box will be for the 21st century what the NES was for the 20th. At the end he asked me about Doctor Who (he was one of the people who saw the first episode after I told them about the show) and since I was carrying my HDD with me I sent him the entire modern series. He said he’d see it this week and if I know him well he’s already getting to the end. So my PowerPoint presentation worked: I created a new whovian. I knew it was possible.

I called one of my high school friends (named Barney) to see if we could meet somewhere and he told me he was busy but we could meet later. So this Wednesday he came to my school and we checked my Portuguese grades. I got a 9, but the teacher said I should really improve my oral skills. After that we came back to our town and while we were on the bus… guess who wanted to know about Doctor Who? Wow, I’m getting good at this. I should sell the method to some cult or something.

Well, I showed and explained to him the PowerPoint presentation and we discussed about fixed points in time and paradoxes for the rest of the trip. So when we arrived to his house he told me he had hired Netflix and that we should watch the first episode. Later we went to the movies because there was a Mexican film that he wanted to see. I must say that up until a few years ago Mexican cinema was on decay, but lately they are starting to produce good films. Maybe we get to have a second golden age. By the way, did you know that during World War II Mexican cinema became internationally recognised as the best? That is because Mexico was not involved on the war in any way, and while the USA and Europe were fighting Mexico was getting a cultural peak that has never been reached again since then. If you are interested, look for Pedro Infante’s movies, they are really good. But coming back to yesterday, I started watching Once Upon a Time. It’s a great show as far as I can say, and I can count it as a productive thing because it’s a semi-popular show here so it might give me the chance to have a conversation with anyone at some point.

And yesterday I woke up with new energy. I read about an anime (I will not post the name so you won’t judge me) and I thought it was interesting, so I downloaded it all. And while I was on that I went to Reddit. In case you don’t know it, Reddit is a huge website where anyone can post anything and find people with the same interests. It has section or subreddits, where you can post different things or questions. I was checking a post titled “What skills can I learn in six months that I can put in my CV?” and people were giving a lot of great answers. Somebody said programming and posted a link to CodeAcademy, a website where you can learn how to program. I clicked on it and I took the course until it asked me to program a game. And it was fun! I’m learning JavaScript now, and it’s cool. I should have done it before. And after a while of wandering around the internet I found another shocking thing: the MIT gives free courses! They don’t give any certification for them, but still, there’s a website where you can learn a lot of subjects for free, from philosophy to thermodynamics. So I now have a plan for vacations: I’m going to learn anything I can.

As a last point I should say that my progress in Team Fortress is… well, very slow. This is the first shooter I play and to be honest I’m not very good at it. But even in something as simple as a video game, my new inspiration tells me that I should not give up just because it’s not easy. So I will work in becoming a good player. Maybe not the best, but at least good enough to not be called a n00b the first time I play online.

Well, the three things I learnt these days were…

1.-Mexico has talent. Its TV is still garbage, but the movies give us hope.

2.- Everyone says that Java is a really difficult language, but it really isn’t. Maybe it’s my natural skill with languages, I don’t know. But some day I will be a programmer.

3.- A huge part of the pursuit of love is loving yourself. And for that, you have to believe it. You have to do anything you need until you finally are what you want to be.




3 thoughts on “My first days of vacations

  1. I wanted to learn code as well but was looking for reviews of ‘real’ people who’ve done it. Now I know what I’m going to do in the new year. Lovely post as always.

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