4-Year-Old Gets TSA Pat-Down Following Hug From Grandma

Now, this is old news, but it makes me think one thing: I never, ever, want to put a foot on the United States. This kind of things are twisted. It’s sick, it’s a crime (or would be if they didn’t have immunity) and it makes me wonder how the most powerful country in the world is also the stupidest. I’m not saying all USA citizens are like this, but, come on, how did these people get any power?


Kids today. They say and do the darndest things, even under the watchful eye of the Transportation Security Administration. So who knows what happens when your 4-year-old daughter gives grandma a hug at the airport security checkpoint. In addition to that peck on the cheek, a deadly weapon may have been exchanged.

A few readers have pointed to a story on Facebook, posted by a Montana mom who was flying home from Kansas with her two young children and their grandmother.

According to the poster, she and her kids got through the checkpoint without trouble but grandma had triggered the alarm. She went through the scanner again, but the screener could not firmly ID what was setting off the alarm, and grandma was asked to have a seat and wait for a pat-down.

This is when the 4-year-old ran over to give grandma a hug:

They made very brief…

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