A Christmas flood and a nostalgic reunion

I have abandoned the blog the last few days. Partly because I was busy, partly because I was lazy, but I should update more often and I have not done it. Not only that, but I have taken care of none of my purposes. And I feel guilty about that, so I will start redeeming myself right now.

My Christmas week was a rollercoaster of experiences. First of all, I need to point out something: Mexicans actually celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. But that might be in other states, because here we did not have that chance. Monday and Tuesday it was raining all day and the river (why did ancient Indians enjoy building their cities over water bodies?) decided that it was time to take back its land. In other words, a massive flood took over the city and surrounding towns, so in the best cases (like mine) Christmas shopping and cooking was ruined, and in the worst (like my aunts’) the whole house was in imminent peril and both days until the midday of the 24th were all about finding ways to hang the furniture. Awkwardly enough, my aunts wouldn’t let a bit of water stop them from a delicious dinner, so while at home we were having salad and canned fruit cocktail they had beef tenderloin and potato soufflé. That’s why I love old people.

Anyway, the next day, after the river remembered that we humans are the alpha species and that it should fear us and not vice versa, the water stopped coming out of the shower’s floor drain and we could have the nice shower we needed for the night: the talent show. There is only one big event in which my whole family puts a lot of effort and it’s the Christmas talent show: my father directed the choir, my mother prepared the littlest children’s class, my sister made her class sing on stage and I had both my kids and the guys with the play. The children were really better than I expected: at the last minute five other kids showed up knowing the carol we were going to sing and with the uniform, so it was a nice presentation and they got applauses. The play was great too, although there were a few technical problems. Still, it worked out fine and a few people asked me about the script and told me it touched them, so mission accomplished.

Although we did not get any Christmas presents, I got one from Valve: Steam gave away Left 4 Dead 2 until December 26th, 10.00 a.m. It took me two days to download it, but it was worth it: I now have a new original game to add to my collection. I didn’t pay for it, but it’s still something. I’m starting to think about online working, so I might buy something soon if I get the money. Have you heard about Dogecoin? It was originally a satirical version of Bitcoin, but it grew so strongly that now even the banks of India started recognising it as digital currency. I want to work with that, it feels safe and useful.

And last Saturday my high School crew got together. Sokka and Toph (for the effects of this blog, everyone in the High School crew will have Avatar-related nicknames) were having their birthday yesterday, so we all went to the mall to play air hockey, eat pizza and watch a movie (a small city has its advantages, it’s all together in one place). Toph brought two friends who stayed for a little Zuko brought another one who decided to stay the whole thing. I liked them all, and we had a fun day. I wish we had more days like that. Being all in different schools in different cities, it’s hard for us to get reunited, so we can’t miss a chance.

There is not much to tell left, except maybe that we my mother and I will make a bomb for tomorrow’s dinner. Relax, it’s a kind of cake, you can find the recipe here. And if you don’t like it, you can go make the other kind of bomb and throw it on FoodNetwork.com’s offices. (Disclaimer: I do not recommend the use of actual explosives to deal with culinary disappointments. The previous sentence was written in comedy tone and any terrorist event related to FoodNetwork.com is not to be connected with the author of this blog. Also, NSA, you guys rock!)

These days I have learnt several things, and here are the three that most matter:

1.- Working with children can be very gratifying… if you have the patience. Really, a lot of it. Don’t try it if you can’t stand three hours of the Nyan Cat video.

2.- Sometimes doing what you love involves giving a message to other people. Do not miss these opportunities to teach them about life, and remember: love is the most important thing to protect. It’s over money, it’s over power and it’s over fame. Take care of those you love, because you don’t know how long they will be around.

3.- Dogecoin is a good investment. Google it; sometimes you find stupid things, but it’s in general great. Do not pay attention to the retarded dog meme printed on the coin.





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