Circular thinking

It’s been two week now but I finally have some interesting things to tell. Next Tuesday I start classes again so my next post will not take so long.

A few days after my last post I was hanging out with Sokka and Zuko, and we started talking about girls. We came to the conclusion that none of us is in conditions to give advice to the other two, but something came out of it. After hearing their stories and comparing them to mine I started thinking that maybe I’m not misunderstanding Curlz. She’s misunderstanding herself. My new theory is that she doesn’t like me as more than a friend, but she still gets jealous. She doesn’t want me for her, but she also doesn’t want me to be with anybody else. This would make all her crossed sings gain more sense, and would also take me out of an uncomfortable emotional dilemma, so I’m going to work under that assumption until it’s disproven. I know I’m taking the easy path here, but the alternative would be choosing between two friends, with the possibility of ruining things with both and between them. Besides, it’s not like I’m saying anything bad about her; everyone has had this feeling at least once. Feeling jealous for a friend is super normal and… I’m over thinking this, so I’ll just skip to the next topic.

Speaking about Sokka, he’s been asking me about virtual coins, such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin, and since I am thinking about investing on them I thought some info would benefit the blog. So I’m going with the basics:

Bitcoin is the first virtual coin on existence. It’s decentralised, international, fluctuant and, depending on your country, could be tax-free. It works by a series of algorithms too complicated to explain here, but it basically means it’s also semi-anonymous and impossible to falsify. It has a lot of advantages and (obviously) disadvantages over traditional money, but as I see it it’s worth the risk. Bitcoin started being worth nothing, but when people started to trade it with physical money and accept it as payment for products or services, it became stronger than the dollar, with a current fluctuant price of $700-$900. Dogecoin is a virtual coin that started as a parody of Bitcoin (hence the reference to the Doge meme), but it quickly became a serious issue and now is getting strong and some say it could get as much success as Bitcoin. The price of Dogecoin is right now between $500-$900 per dollar but it keeps growing. If you want to make a long-term investment and don’t mind betting a few cents, it could be a good idea. Spreading the word is a huge part of virtual economy, so if you do give it a try, tell the world.

And now that I’m touching the subject of money… our lovable government raised the taxes on sugared products. This by itself is not a problem unless you make money out of them, which I do. Remember Munchies Corporation? Well, it appears that I will have to raise my prices, when my whole campaign is based on the fact that I offer the cheapest snacks at the uni. I tried to keep them as low as possible but oil (and thus gas) also got more expensive, meaning that I can’t afford going to school anymore. My father raised my allowance by $100, but I’ll need at least $120 to keep using taxis (the bus here is impossible to trust, it’s always late and sometimes doesn’t even pick you up). I’m afraid if I raise the prices they’ll stop buying me, but I don’t have a choice now. I hope my numbers don’t go red. And now we get to the point when getting a car is actually cheaper than public transportation, so I’m going to try to buy one as soon as possible.

And since I used the word “raise” more times on a paragraph than I usually do on a week, let’s talk about something going down. I downloaded Adventure Time, the whole 5 seasons; I had watched a few episodes on Cartoon Network, but now I had enough time and boredom to watch it all. It’s a great show; comic, nostalgic and sometimes it makes you cry. It looks like a dumb children’s cartoon but that’s the trick to select fans. It has a deep, dark back-story, starting with the Great Mushroom War a thousand years ago, the past of Marceline the vampire queen and the Ice King, and a lot of other stuff too cool happening in the land of Ooo around Finn the Human, known that way because… spoilers 😉

I also finished the season 2 of Once Upon a Time, another great show I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before. I’ll check that later because I don’t want to get too heavy on TV recommendations. Maybe next post.

And talking about that, another fan of the show is going to share a class with me. Yes, you guessed well, is my favourite person. After days of complaining about my terrible schedule (I have 12-hour days and 2-hour days on the same week) I finally got to talk to Whovie, and it turns out we’ll have a subject together. That’s awesome! I really missed her this semester and now I’ll get the chance to go back to the old days. And maybe a little better; I’ve been asking to several people, both friends and internet strangers, and everyone (except for Curlz and Kuáng) seems to think something could happen between us. I will not make the same mistakes I made before; now I will work things out more directly and with new gained confidence. Things can work, now I just have to figure out how. Now we have more things in common and the time without seeing each other will give us more things to talk about. And maybe, I don’t know… Valentine’s Day is pretty close and it’s been five years since I last celebrated it… maybe I could plan something… do you have any suggestions? Last time I asked her out things got weird in my head and now I think she was just messing with me. Any advice will be taken.

So the three things I learnt these two weeks were:

1.- Dogecoin is the future of economy. It’s growing and will go to the moon!

2.- Planning an agenda for a club is tough. So tough it will be a surprise even for the blog.

3.- Girls are confusing, and being socially awkward and paranoid doesn’t help a lot. But when you really want love, you’ll find the way to understand… enough to take decisions.




Post tomorrow, I promise!

I’ve been working on the writing club lately and I haven’t posted in a while. Tomorrow I’ll post an update on my love life, my business life, the club and some TV recommendations. In the mean time, I’ll leave you with this neat video: Evolution of Get Lucky, by PV NOVA. It’s a French guy who took Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and adapted it on the popular music of ten decades. Watch it, it’s awesome.

Paranoia and Literature

It’s been a while! I’m at the city to get my schedules for this semester and I got a few things to tell.

This few days I have only been thinking about writing, and I discovered several things I didn’t know about myself. First of all, I found out why I get stuck so often when I write: it’s the language. You see, I am (or was) used to write in Spanish, a language full of synonyms, verbal tenses, speech levels, complex vocabulary and ethimological madness. Usually, when I write in Spanish I have to worry about using vocabulary or grammatical structures that are too complex for the average reader, or over-simplify it. And the rules about repetition of terms and narrative speech force you to stop every two sentences to make sure you didn’t repeat a word too often. In English, though, even when most of those rules still exist, they are less strict and the simplicity of the language make it easier to spend less time thinking about styles and more thinking about the enrichment of the story. So I started translating my book and I found that there were many holes that needed to be repaired, and it’s now easier for me to do.

More good news: the writing club officially exists. Today I spoke with my two founder members and they told me they had two other members, so now I’m with… Pseudohipster, Pseudogay, Aristocat and Rookie. Well, variety is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind, but I’ll make it grow. I already prepared the advertisement I’ll put in the library and it looks nice. I hope there are more writers for the club to grow. I’m planning on great projects to work on.

On the other hand, I think I’m losing my mind. These last few days my head is full of weird thoughts and paranoia, especially in love issues. By now, if you have been following the blog, you might notice that I have no hope at all of a relationship with Curlz. I live with this truth without giving it much thought, because after all, there are things in life that cannot be changed. But now I am starting to doubt about it thanks to the events of last night. It might be related to my recent lack of sleep, but it might be real, and that’s what confuses me the most. I need some external light on this issue.

It all started when I posted on Facebook that I can’t take Portuguese this semester. We talked about it a bit and Curlz asked me to help her on Japanese. I told her yes, and I took the opportunity to ask her to teach me about cars, because recently the prices of all public transportation rose to ridiculous numbers and I’m starting to think it might be cheaper to get a car. Anyway, I asked her because I remember hearing her once talking about car models and motors and all that stuff… or so I thought. Because after she told me it was not her, I realised I was actually confusing her with Whovie. I jokingly told her and immediately regretted. But the interesting part here was that right after I posted that, in less than twenty seconds she had logged out to not come back. I waited for half an hour for her to say something but she did not. And the following three hours, my only time to sleep before I had to start getting ready for the inscriptions (the subjects are chosen by the student and those who arrive earlier have more freedom to choose their schedule), I could only spin in my bed about how things were with Curlz. Why did she react like that? Or, better, why did she not react? Did I do something, was what I said an offence? Was she jealous? Was she being overprotective? Was everything just a coincidence and my pre-inscription paranoia did everything in my head?

I couldn’t sleep because I was trying to figure that out. The good side: I was the first one on the line. The bad side: My head is killing me. I asked Pseudohipster for her opinion, but she couldn’t answer because something got in the way. I have been thinking that maybe showing her the blog would help me dissipate my doubts; after all, she has a colder head than me and she doesn’t win or lose anything from me being or not being with Curlz. Besides, I only trust her.

I think my head will explode if I keep awake, so the three things I learnt were:

1.- People in my state have a great history of writers, poets and novelists, even with one or two essayists.

2.- When it’s about love, an external opinion can be a good help.

3.- I shall not type with my eyes closed.



19°C and I’m freezing!

This few days I haven’t done much. And that’s a lousy sentence to start a post. (Personal note: the first topic to discuss in the writing club will be opening lines.)

As you might remember, the last few days my town has been suffering floods and cold, or what is cold for local standards, that I’m sure would pass by a sunny summer in other places. The average temperature is 17-21°C, and although that might sound nice for people reading this, keep in mind that we’re used to call fresh days to 35°C, which is almost all year excepting for a few weeks of winter and a few weeks of summer. And this came with some cartoonish consequences:

First, the pets are going crazy.

I haven’t said this before, but my family has four pets: three parakeets and a guinea pig. They’re usually happy and playful (except the one that bites and thinks he’s an all-mighty monarch), but the cold air and the sound of rain scare the birds and make them cry to go inside, something that they can perfectly do by flying or walking but won’t unless someone goes out to the backyard to get them. The guinea pig couldn’t care less about the coldness, though, but he likes to run around and lay on the floor, and he can’t do it when it’s wet and sticky. So now they’re screaming all day (or however that sound is called, right now I couldn’t care less) until my dad puts on some classical music and they simply follow the rhythm. It’s actually cute, as long as you don’t spend the whole day right next to them.

Second, I spend the whole day right next to them.

When the weather is cold, my knee hurts. I have an old injury that I refuse to get operated, but it limits my walking skills. And recently all public transportation raised their prices because a new tax was added (I hope a dementor catches you, EPN) so that’s not an option either. As a result, I have only gone out three times after New Year: once to go to the church, once to go to a certain event where my dad needed help and once because a friend came, which I’ll tell later. I get by doing anything that doesn’t require leaving my bedroom, which believe it or not can get pretty weird. A few days ago, for example, I was playing Team Fortress 2 online and got in a new server. It was the Sawmill map and there was a sniper standing right out of the spawn point. At first it just looked weird; it wasn’t doing anything, it was like if the player had left the computer and went to do something else…

Something more fun than the game.

And he wasn’t alone.

Yep, you guessed it.

They were banging. Through the speakers it was perfectly clear how they were having sex, and they might or might not have known that they left the mic on. It was awkward to hear them moaning, and when the screaming started I just disconnected. I didn’t know what to do; it was a weird situation, even for my standards. I mean, you expect those things happening on World of Warcraft or GTA, not on TF2. And later that day I found a server where all sounds were replaced with My Little Pony recordings. I just quit and didn’t play the rest of the day.

So after this reminder on what the internet really consists of, last Saturday a friend came to visit my. It was my only middle school friend with whom I keep in contact, and he insisted on going by the name of Sylar after I made him watch Heroes back in 2007. We had fun; we talked about old times and about our current lives and he told me he’s planning on getting married. Not yet, but in around two years. I’m very happy for him although I’m a bit worried about his future. He hasn’t even started uni yet, and he’s in his longest relationship, so I don’t know what to tell him. I just said I support him and he said I was going to be his best man. He’s the second one to ask me that, and I’m starting to worry. Am I suffering some masculine version of the Maid of Honour Syndrome? Will I see all my friends get married and stay behind?

Mhm, I don’t know, maybe I’m just paranoid.

Anyway, I started reading a fanfic I found: it’s called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. It’s fantastic; I would even say it’s better than the original book. The premise is simple: in an alternate universe Aunt Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up in science and science fiction. After finding out about magic he decided to conquer both fields to essentially become a god. All right, maybe it’s not that simple. But if you like fanfics and Harry Potter you should read it, it’s amazing.

I have not much to say, so I will leave it at that until I get new adventures. And the three lessons of this week were:

1.- People on the internet will fill anything and everything with sex and/or ponies. Be careful when you browse.

2.- I’m old. My friends are already thinking about marriage and I haven’t even had a girlfriend in almost five years. I must find love before it’s too late.

3.- If I ever hear parakeets singing the Nutcracker again I swear I will jump off a bridge. Otherwhise I’m perfectly sane, please don’t worry.