Circular thinking

It’s been two week now but I finally have some interesting things to tell. Next Tuesday I start classes again so my next post will not take so long.

A few days after my last post I was hanging out with Sokka and Zuko, and we started talking about girls. We came to the conclusion that none of us is in conditions to give advice to the other two, but something came out of it. After hearing their stories and comparing them to mine I started thinking that maybe I’m not misunderstanding Curlz. She’s misunderstanding herself. My new theory is that she doesn’t like me as more than a friend, but she still gets jealous. She doesn’t want me for her, but she also doesn’t want me to be with anybody else. This would make all her crossed sings gain more sense, and would also take me out of an uncomfortable emotional dilemma, so I’m going to work under that assumption until it’s disproven. I know I’m taking the easy path here, but the alternative would be choosing between two friends, with the possibility of ruining things with both and between them. Besides, it’s not like I’m saying anything bad about her; everyone has had this feeling at least once. Feeling jealous for a friend is super normal and… I’m over thinking this, so I’ll just skip to the next topic.

Speaking about Sokka, he’s been asking me about virtual coins, such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin, and since I am thinking about investing on them I thought some info would benefit the blog. So I’m going with the basics:

Bitcoin is the first virtual coin on existence. It’s decentralised, international, fluctuant and, depending on your country, could be tax-free. It works by a series of algorithms too complicated to explain here, but it basically means it’s also semi-anonymous and impossible to falsify. It has a lot of advantages and (obviously) disadvantages over traditional money, but as I see it it’s worth the risk. Bitcoin started being worth nothing, but when people started to trade it with physical money and accept it as payment for products or services, it became stronger than the dollar, with a current fluctuant price of $700-$900. Dogecoin is a virtual coin that started as a parody of Bitcoin (hence the reference to the Doge meme), but it quickly became a serious issue and now is getting strong and some say it could get as much success as Bitcoin. The price of Dogecoin is right now between $500-$900 per dollar but it keeps growing. If you want to make a long-term investment and don’t mind betting a few cents, it could be a good idea. Spreading the word is a huge part of virtual economy, so if you do give it a try, tell the world.

And now that I’m touching the subject of money… our lovable government raised the taxes on sugared products. This by itself is not a problem unless you make money out of them, which I do. Remember Munchies Corporation? Well, it appears that I will have to raise my prices, when my whole campaign is based on the fact that I offer the cheapest snacks at the uni. I tried to keep them as low as possible but oil (and thus gas) also got more expensive, meaning that I can’t afford going to school anymore. My father raised my allowance by $100, but I’ll need at least $120 to keep using taxis (the bus here is impossible to trust, it’s always late and sometimes doesn’t even pick you up). I’m afraid if I raise the prices they’ll stop buying me, but I don’t have a choice now. I hope my numbers don’t go red. And now we get to the point when getting a car is actually cheaper than public transportation, so I’m going to try to buy one as soon as possible.

And since I used the word “raise” more times on a paragraph than I usually do on a week, let’s talk about something going down. I downloaded Adventure Time, the whole 5 seasons; I had watched a few episodes on Cartoon Network, but now I had enough time and boredom to watch it all. It’s a great show; comic, nostalgic and sometimes it makes you cry. It looks like a dumb children’s cartoon but that’s the trick to select fans. It has a deep, dark back-story, starting with the Great Mushroom War a thousand years ago, the past of Marceline the vampire queen and the Ice King, and a lot of other stuff too cool happening in the land of Ooo around Finn the Human, known that way because… spoilers 😉

I also finished the season 2 of Once Upon a Time, another great show I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before. I’ll check that later because I don’t want to get too heavy on TV recommendations. Maybe next post.

And talking about that, another fan of the show is going to share a class with me. Yes, you guessed well, is my favourite person. After days of complaining about my terrible schedule (I have 12-hour days and 2-hour days on the same week) I finally got to talk to Whovie, and it turns out we’ll have a subject together. That’s awesome! I really missed her this semester and now I’ll get the chance to go back to the old days. And maybe a little better; I’ve been asking to several people, both friends and internet strangers, and everyone (except for Curlz and Kuáng) seems to think something could happen between us. I will not make the same mistakes I made before; now I will work things out more directly and with new gained confidence. Things can work, now I just have to figure out how. Now we have more things in common and the time without seeing each other will give us more things to talk about. And maybe, I don’t know… Valentine’s Day is pretty close and it’s been five years since I last celebrated it… maybe I could plan something… do you have any suggestions? Last time I asked her out things got weird in my head and now I think she was just messing with me. Any advice will be taken.

So the three things I learnt these two weeks were:

1.- Dogecoin is the future of economy. It’s growing and will go to the moon!

2.- Planning an agenda for a club is tough. So tough it will be a surprise even for the blog.

3.- Girls are confusing, and being socially awkward and paranoid doesn’t help a lot. But when you really want love, you’ll find the way to understand… enough to take decisions.




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