I have to crush my crush

I’m going to be as brief as possible today because tomorrow I have to wake up at 3:45. But there are still some important parts that deserve to be read.

Today I started classes again. Well, sort of. I only have one subject on Tuesdays and Thursdays: the subject I share with Whovie. I went to school four hours earlier so I could sell some munchies, and although my incomes weren’t as high as normal (It’s, after all, the first day) I could see the price raise was not a big deal for some of my clients. It looks like I will manage to survive… if I stay away from Whovie. Ironically enough, my crush is now a threat to my business. You see, Whovie’s father promised her he’ll pay her a summer on London (did I ever mention Whovie is, like, half as rich as Curlz?) and now she is starting to sell cupcakes because she wants to make £1,000 before going, which, in her words, “there is not a big deal, but here’s a fortune”.

It is, by the way. It’s $22,000 on Mexican currency, in a country where our minimum wage is $60/month. By the way, that reference is worthless, because our minimum wage is, so I’ll use the Coke can rule. The Coke can rule is simple: there is one product that exists in almost all the countries, everyone knows its price and can be used as a reference for food prices: a can of Coca-Cola. If you don’t know how much your money is worth in a foreign country, ask a native the price of a Coke can. In Mexico, it’s $12. According to a quick Google search (correct me if I’m wrong) that size doesn’t exist in London, but there’s the 330ml size, costing £0.70 or MX $14, which would mean a 600ml would be about $25 if it existed. The double. It looks like £1,000 is not much after all, while here you can buy a used car for that.

But back at the ranch, Whovie is selling cupcakes now, and although they are kind of expensive for their size, they’re delicious. Really, it’s the most glorious dessert I have tasted in a long time; I’d buy a hundred if she weren’t my competence. And I could, because she’s bringing freaking ninety-six cupcakes a day, and apparently they’re a total success. She sold like half of them on her first day; at that rhythm she could be selling 150 by next month. And I just raised prices. I have loyal clients, excellent discounts, VIP service and the easiest market in the world, and yet I’m threatened by essentially a scout girl. Luckily we only share one class, and her classes are too distributed away from most of my clients, but it’s still a risk. She wants to go to London, I want to buy a car. This, my friends, looks like war.

And now that I talk about her, remember I just said I only had one class today? Well, the teacher didn’t show up. Whovie knows her, and apparently this teacher comes late and misses a lot of classes, so I’ll be going to school for nothing half the Tuesdays this semester. Not on Thursdays, though; that’s the writing club day. Which reminds me I should make the flayers soon. Or not, who knows. I’ve been thinking, and if the club grows up too much I won’t be able to handle it. So I think I’ll just offer eight more spots. If it succeeds, next semester I could make it bigger. For now, I just have to figure out how my online subject works.


And the three things I learnt today were:

1.- Most of my teachers are terrible. My learning is on my hands now.

2.- I just realised this semester is my best opportunity to exercise my writing, and I will work my hardest for that. If I want to be the Mexican Asimov/Tolkien, I need to start now.

3.- Sometimes, you need to choose your priorities, and love can’t be on the top of the list. Fate is a tricky thing, but there’s one thing certain: I will buy a car.




What do you think?

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