Valentine’s Week, Part 1: My cool is full, my cooler is empty

I’m sorry for the delay! This week has been really busy. I haven’t even told you about V-Day! But don’t worry, you’re about to find out about everything.

First of all, I exempted English! Well, not exactly, but it’s still great. I must recognise it didn’t happen in the best way; I acted in a way I’m not proud of. Let me explain: originally, my teacher had said none of us was going to escape the subject unless we followed the official protocol: unsubscribe the subject and present an exam with the academic authorities of the major. The problem was that I don’t have any documents certifying that I studied English in another school or worked in an English-speaking country (did I ever mention I’m self-taught?) and without those papers we can’t apply for the exam. Naturally I was upset, because we were studying very basic subjects, and I don’t need to brag: the fact that you’re reading this in English proves I’m way ahead of my classmates. I was resigned to waste my time as a living dictionary, so I got really angry when I found out a girl in my class was exempting because she studied elementary school in the US. I had some other problems in my mind when I heard it, so I complaint with the first person I saw, who happened to be the teacher. I regret it later, because I really like her class; she’s a great teacher and very entertaining. But the following Wednesday she told me she had thought about what I said and that would get the same chance the girl got: I wouldn’t have to go to class, but I would have to take the tests and that would be the 100% of my grade (something that actually works on my favour). I apologised for my behaviour and I took the offer, and I think she understood. Now we’re on good terms.

In other school news, my Italian is great! That’s not my word, it’s the uni’s best Italian professor’s. Obviously I’m still not in conditions to give a conference, but I’m pretty well for my level, and the teacher put me as an example, in front of the whole class, of who can pass the certification oral exam. I’ve been happy about it all week, and the fact that the business is growing every day makes it even better. I’ve emptied the cooler two times this week, one of them even before language classes started, and I think Mission Wheels will be done sooner than I thought. Whovie is not my rival anymore; once the language courses started the population grew exponentially and we both have enough field to sell without obstructing each other.

And speaking of language school, the Japanese crew is back together! Well, except for Whovie, but she wasn’t an original anyway. This semester we… well, we failed, and those who didn’t take the subject last time are now with us, with other five new classmates. It’s amazing, I really missed my crew. And this time I’m more focused than ever: I will make my homework and my Kanji assignments, no excuses. Please feel free to attack me if I don’t. But I hope I can stay focused and make it; this time I can be the best and I won’t miss this chance.

But this is a blog about love, and an important date just took place. That’s right; I’m talking about the feared Valentine’s Day. I don’t tend to celebrate it because I have bad memories of it and also because I’m normally alone and depressed. This time I was not depressed… at first. (By the way, I did not ask Whovie out, I’m sorry, I’m planning on doing it soon.) It was being a regular day; the business was low as everyone wanted cupcakes, my classes were normal and I got a candy from Magikarp that I reciprocated. I gave candies to my VIP clients (yes, I have those) and after that I went to the library to check my mail, when someone came. It was Luke, a friend with whom I don’t spend much time but who is often very nice with me. He sat next to me and started looking between his stuff. “I have something for you, Écrivain, just wait a second; I’ve been looking for you all day” he said, and he finally found what he was going to give me. There were around three handmade cards, and he gave me one. It had some sort of tale about a talking animal sharing my name and getting love from all his friends, and a 3D heart in the middle. It looked like it was done with a lot of care.

I was shocked. I was truly speechless; it was a guy giving me a Valentine’s Day card with a big, orange heart in it. It didn’t say anything explicitly romantic, and it had a quote from the Bible, so I dismissed it as flirting and I said thank you as effusively as I could. But when he left I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What was that supposed to mean? First of all, I don’t even know if he’s gay; he does fit in some clichés, but I’ve seen many straight Christian guys who do, and he did quote the Bible. But again, who goes around giving cards to his male friends? Maybe it was a sincere friendship act, but even then it’s at the very least awkward. And considering I once went to watch a French movie with him (he had a coupon and I really wanted to watch that movie) that’s the least probable explanation.

Anyway, this lowered my self-esteem to a previously unreachable point. I’m not homophobic, and I try to respect all my friends as much as a born-an-raised Christian can do, but it did hit me. In five years the first person to give me anything more than a second look was a dude! What am I supposed to think of that? Do I project a gay aura? Do girls think I’m gay and that’s why they don’t like me? I know he meant nothing but good; but it hurt me that while Curlz was chatting with samba-face and Whovie shamelessly exploded the holiday’s capitalistic spirit to save for a sonic screwdriver, all I got was a card from a guy. I wanted to post it here, but I was so depressed and tired that I couldn’t even move a finger to open WordPress.


And well, that’s all I’m saying today. Of course, there’s more to these stories, but my post is already too long and I have homework. Tomorrow I’ll post the rest of my week adventures; I’ll talk about a revelation, an advice and a crew of writers. See you soon, Peace,



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