No she’s not.

No she's not.

I just saw this on Facebook and I couldn’t believe it. God knows I’m rarely sympathetic to people I don’t know. I usually don’t even look at hungry children on documentaries. But this… this makes me want to cry. This was not a poverty issue, or a disease, or an accident. This is a girl who does this to her body because she want’s to. And people APPLAUD it. This is wrong. Not only that, this is sick. How can anyone- no, how can society push a person into thinking this is beautiful? that this is perfect? This isn’t how people should look like. There are starving children in Somalia who look healthier than this! And although I’m angry about her doing it to her body, if I could find the stupid Tumblr monster who commented this I would shot her in the face. This is not perfect, this is a poor sad girl with no self-esteem who should get medical help and WHERE ON BLOODY EARTH ARE HER PARENTS??? Or her friends? Or her boyfriend, or girlfriend, or whatever? Where are the school counsellors? Where’s the priest or the pastor of the community? Where is CSP? Where is her boss, if she has a job? Why has no one done anything to avoid her getting to this point? How is it possible that no one in her life noticed anything slightly weird about how thin she is?

I don’t blame this girl for her situation. I blame society. Society made her think she was fat. Society ignored her when she was getting sickly skinny. And worst of all, society is telling her she is PERFECT this way. This world makes me want to vomit.


What do you think?

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