I have a real date now!

Hello! I know I’ve been away, it’s just, well, everything.

After my job interview a few weeks ago, I was told that I should give a test class so the teacher could verify that I really know what I claim I know, which is actually more than what I actually know, because my dad’s friend told him I’m about to graduate and if I say otherwise a lot of people will get mad with each other. Anyway, a week ago I had to give my first class. I was nervous and didn’t really know what to do, much less what to expect from this young students or myself. And guess what?

I freaking nailed it.

My test group was composed by tweens! Kids between 11-15 years old, all too shy to be excellent but too curious to not learn. The best thing about working with those groups is that they’re young enough to be impressed but old enough to behave, so it was easy to control them without boring them, and I think they actually liked the class because at the end they asked if I’d be giving them all the classes. Sadly I couldn’t, because the schedules interfere with church and since I have a major charge there (didn’t I tell you? I’m secretary of education!) I obviously can’t stop going. Not that I would, anyway. The point is, the class was a success, they learnt everything they had to and I developed a feedback technique that can’t fail now that I’m officially hired as an ESL teacher. Everybody say huzzah!

In other news, after talking to the guys they made me see something. Neko accepted to go out with me, which means that either a) she does not have a boyfriend, or b) she’s not doing well with him and they’re about to break up. And after I talked with them I decided that if she does have it and doesn’t tell me, then it’s not my responsibility to avoid cheating. So I asked her again and she said yes, even though I almost blew it all (I was going to take her to the school’s café – shut up, I haven’t dated in five years, it’s normal that I make mistakes). We ended up agreeing on sushi and we’re going to the mall tomorrow after school. I must confess, I’m nervous about it. Since She-who-must-not-be-named all my experiences in the dating world were eating with platonic friends, which is in practice equivalent to zero. But I’m confident I can make it through this, and who knows, I might even get a girlfriend.

But as I told you a few days ago, we’re in the Darkest Timeline, which means that not everything will come out as expected. I was checking my academic email a few days ago and I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. An email from my online teacher, sent on holidays, with the grades updated to date. Apparently, the instructions she gave us were poorly written (which is pretty ironic considering that the class is Writing) so the deadline for all homework was… 24 hours before the date I submitted them. Every week. For three months. Which means I have a zero on that subject. I’m going to try to appeal, but it’s pretty certain that I’ll fail, so this means I can no longer graduate suma cum laude. I’ll have to do research, and that’s going to be tough. But if I take the subject again next semester, I could still apply for student exchange next year, which means I could do my research in Italy. I’m going to have to think something about Latin. I just need to do the best I can to pass this time, because it’s my last chance, and I need to get a CILS certification level B2 next semester to apply. So I must hurry.

And yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, I taught my first official class as a professional. My group was pretty small (six kids, ages 10 to 16) and I tested in them my feedback technique. All throughout the class I told them to ask me things. “It doesn’t even have to be about English, you can ask me about anything at all. The point is not only solving doubts, but also giving you the habit of making questions. I want you to feel comfortable asking anything; there are no dumb questions, only dumbs who don’t question”. And it worked! The kids asked me about everything, from how many languages I speak to why is English pronounced in so many weird ways (long story short, 90% of the language is foreigner). Also what’s my opinion about dubstep, what kind of shows I watch and what Chemistry studies. At first they were all weirded out but by the end of the class they could easily ask anything and know I would answer. I want them to know there are people out there they can trust, so I want them to be curious about everything. It worked for me.

I have more to talk about but tomorrow I have two presentations and a date, so I should be going to sleep by now. I’ll update you as soon as I can. See you!




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