Flirting, writing and connecting

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Here I am again, this time to deliver what I left with. So sit down, grab some popcorn and let the fun begin!

I guess I should start saying that my date for Monday didn’t take place. I texted Neko a few hours prior to confirm, but she replied that she couldn’t go because she didn’t have any money. This felt odd and I suspected that, again, she failed to understand my invitation or was simply trying to reject me softly, so I tried to find out by explaining that I was paying. However, after the clock marked 1:30, the time of our date, I realised it was not going to happen. I went to the café feeling quite down, but the guys cheered me up with some news: Rainicorn planned to make pizzas on Tuesday after school.

Tuesday came quickly and with it a lot of rehearsal. I had to do a Phonetics presentation with Ezio (Italian classmate, Kung Fu student, Neko’s friend) and Mel was helping us to practice a scene from the TV show Sherlock. After either seeing or making up some interesting looks from her, I told her to ask him out, and after a lot of arguing we semi-agreed on a double date with one of her friends. The plan to meet her was for her to come to the presentation on Wednesday, but she got sick and couldn’t go. On the plus side, the presentation was a success. But back to Tuesday, after my epistemology exam I went to Rainicorn’s to catch up with the guys. After a lot of fun and eating people started to leave, and I ended with Rainicorn, Pseudogay and Isaac, some mate I didn’t know yet but who ended up being pretty neat. Long story short, they convinced me to do a Just Dance 2014 match against Pseudogay with one of the gayest songs ever choreographed. I was on a sugar rush and I actually won, which was amazing considering that was the first time I danced ever. That ended up with me chasing Rainicorn all around the house trying to take his phone to delete a video that was already online anyway, so… bad luck for me. But I had a pretty good time, and I got to do something new and that required a lot of confidence I didn’t know I had, so I think I’m getting better with my social skills.

At the end of the day I checked my phone and Neko had sent a text. She said she was sorry for not coming, that she wasn’t at home and she asked me when we could meet again. Two seconds too late I remembered Mel’s friend, right after telling Neko I was available next Monday.

And today I had a pretty deep talk with Whovie. It started with the Ender saga but somehow it changed to her life story. Sometimes I forget she’s older than me, so I didn’t know she was a child when the worst economic recession in Mexican history took place. I was just born then but she was like three and had a brother my age, so it was a pretty rough time to be broke. I’m not going to write details because some of the stuff she told me were kind of private, but to put it simple, she told me her family’s underdog story. And when she talked about those times she got sentimental; she was smiling but I saw her eyes get watery. Still, the way she put it, even with all the troubles she had a nice family life, though her school life was pretty bad considering what she said on Tuesday. Sometimes I feel sad for her, because she’s so lonely and doesn’t trust many people with her problems or her feelings. I’m one of the few lucky people she tells this things, and yet she won’t call me friend, because the word is too important for her to give it to anyone who asks. She never tells her problems to many people, but even if she doesn’t say it, I think I’m at least slightly important for her, because what she told me on her car last time and what she told me today were things I think nobody else has heard in a while. She tells me about her feelings, the real ones, not just the fangirl heap. That’s why I don’t write any of it here, I would never betray her trust that way. And later on, playing Katawa Shoujo, one of the characters gave me the advice I needed. I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something along the lines of “she’s not going to let people help her because she can get over it easily, but it’s still a good thing that you look after her”. So that’s what I’ll do. I’m not going to push anything, but I’ll be her friend, no matter what she does or the way she calls me. I’m going to be there for her because that’s what friends do.

Earlier today, to make justice to the title, I got a skype conversation with an alleged MIT student. He was making some marketing study for a writing app he’s helping develop, and I got offered a beta test after they found one of my stories in Reddit. So I made the survey and left him my contact info, which means that when the beta is ready I’m going to have to write seriously, in regular lapses. I might make a serial. I’m going to start planning it soon. I might become big! And a few minutes ago I got a confirmation from Neko to go out on Monday… I’m not sure anymore. I kind of gave up on her after what happened this week, and besides I already promised to Mel to try with her friend. But I got myself in this situation so I’ll find my way out. For now, I have two dates and zero cash, so this might get fun.




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