Quick Fix: Hello, I’m Écrivain!

If you came after 19th March, 2014, you probably won’t understand why the people I talk about is so weird. You can start chacking this list of the most basic posts; you still won’t understand where do I get those alien friends, but at least you’ll get to know them and love them, hate them or just have a nice laugh. Check out this index if you want the whole story of how I got to where I am now. If you just want to get all the inside jokes, this is enough:

Retrospective: Meet Whovie

Retrospective: Whovie’s quiet farewell and Curlz’s confusing moves

Retrospective: Neko, a mistery girl

Raving on the bus

A fair book fair

Retrospective: The Hipster Crew

You and I – Ingrid Michaelson

Am I a wallflower?

Marriage Isn’t For You

19°C and I’m freezing!

Circular thinking

Carrots and sticks

“just spit it out!”

Should I get a doctor?

I spat it out! [End of Whovie & Curlz saga]


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