Saga One: Whovie and Curlz

The first five months of my blog I was having two crushes. This is the index for that story; if you’re new here, you can start reading it so you know how weird my life gets sometimes, what’s the kind of girl I like and how it ended. Will Écrivain find true love with his friends? How will they react when they find out about each other? Who shall date him at the end of this story? Find out reading the next entries!

So I decided to start a blog.

A talk about love with a shining conclusion

Retrospective: Meet Whovie

My brain’s capoeira

Retrospective: Whovie’s quiet farewell and Curlz’s confusing moves

Please don’t make that pun

Retrospective: Neko, a mistery girl

Raving on the bus

A fair book fair

A wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey dilemma

Swiss people, researchers and brazilians

Retrospective: The Hipster Crew

What Grownups call love

So I finally watched the 50th! (no spoilers)

About Schools, Doctors and a Crazy Girl

Movies, foreigners and the girls in my life

You and I – Ingrid Michaelson

My last date with Curlz

Am I a wallflower?

It’s time to start changing things

My first days of vacations

A heavy pre-Christmas week

A Christmas flood and a nostalgic reunion

19°C and I’m freezing!

Paranoia and Literature

I have to crush my crush

First Week report: I’m going bananas

Valentine’s Week, Part 1: My cool is full, my cooler is empty

Valentine’s Week, Part 2: A revelation, an advice and a crew of writers

Carrots and sticks

“just spit it out!”

Should I get a doctor?

I spat it out! [End of Whovie & Curlz saga]


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