The B world is cooler than I thought

So… I just presenced a lesbian kiss. And I loved it.

A few minutes ago, the Hipster Crew was at the cafe fooling around, and Whovie was at the next table reading some fanfics. The guys were planning their spring break trip to another town and Thirteen, a girl on the group I haven’t mentioned, said she didn’t have the money to go. “I’m thinking on selling kisses at the street, $100 each) she joked… and then Rookie pulled out his wallet.
It all started as a joke; they were both laughing and joking, and then someone, I think Rainicorn, dared them to actually do it. This was personal now. Things escalated quickly, and before we even realised there were even terms and conditions. 20 seconds, no tongue. So everyone was cheering them up and laughing, and Pseudohipster pulled out her phone’s timer. After some playing and getting nervous, they eventually made out and everyone was screaming. [I think this is the perfect moment in this story to clear out that this happened at 3:30 in the afternoon and none of us was drunk nor high.]
So we were teasing them, and then Whovie yelled “Hey, I’m in, I want money too!”. We were surprised, and in a matter of seconds everyone was trying to bribe Okinawa into making out with Whovie. At the end she didn’t do it, but then Thirteen took the word again. “I’ll do it if we go somewhere more private”. We agreed on a price and everyone left to the football fields, marching like a gipsy caravan. we sat on the empty terraces (It’s the middle of April, we’re at 42°C, nobody’s gonna play any football) and they sat next to each other, Whovie putting on lipstick and everything (She looks so hot with red lipstick…)
“This one’s on me,” said Pseudogay, to which I could just reply “after this I’ll be your slave.”
At first Thirteen was nervous (not for kissing a girl, she’s bisexual) because she wasn’t really sure about doing it, but at the ennd she decided the money was better and they got on. Whovie pulled her to her lips and kissed her… it was so wild, so passionate, there was tongue and she even got hurt for it. It was just… wow. I could only think about one thing: if she’s this passionate with a game kiss, what would it be in bed? They took a while on splitting before realising nobody had a timer on and we were just watching. Everyone was shocked and a bit turned on, gay guys and straight girls included. (Maybe that’s just me projecting myself on them, but I swear they at least looked like they were). The surprise came even bigger when Whovie declared: “I had only kissed one person before this!”
Between joke and joke, everyone commenting on how wild Whovie was, she said “who’s next? same price!” and the yapping started again. I asked to be, half jokingly, half actually having a bit of hope, but she refused. For the look she gave me I could understand she wouldn’t do it with me because I have feelings for her.
The sad part… well, she said yes to Rookie (that dude is loaded). I tried to not care but I couldn’t avoid turning away when they kissed. Finally she moved away because his cigarette breath made her dizzy, and since it was already four o’ clock we all left to class because most of us are on exams and we didn’t want to be late.

It was nice. There was fun, there was laughter… there was a bit of sadness from my part, but nobody else has to know that, do they? So I’ll just look at the bright side of this day: I just saw two hot girls making out for show. Which is way more than I expected for this day. So I’ll go home, think about how life is weird and go write something for my book, which I should definitely do more often. I might post again tonight or tomorrow. See you!

Ps. As I’m writing this words I just saw a guy on a red striped dress, holding a signal stating “This is what happens to me for being an Americanista bitch”. Some people bet crazy things for football. I love my uni.